Does anyone else's significant other NOT support your bag love?

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  1. My Hubby doesnt either. He just doesnt get it at all. I just got a bag mailed to me today, that I just had my 20 year old Son hide in my office in basement. LOL. For shame right?
  2. I feel so sad for all you ladies who's DH doesnt understand your devotion to bags. I totally get the love of bags you all have since I share the same passion.

    My wife actually limits my bag buying for her. I have 6 bags I would go out and buy right now if she would let me.......luckily she is much stronger willed than me because I could honestly go broke buying bags! I do always buy bags on sale for very good deals but sometimes she totally freaks when I tell her how much I spent on a bag. I have actually had to hide bags and give it to her at a later date. She always appreciates it when I give her a new bag and loves her collection but just doesnt get how I can spend sooo much on bags. I always work a side job or second job when saving for an expensive bag though.
  3. My DH rolls his eyes when he sees the UPS truck parked in front of our house walking up with a coach purchase! He's ok with it as long as I don't spend $500 on a bag! Lol :biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. If only there were more men like you out there! My bf doesn't mind gifting me Coach bags (even the ones he thinks are hideous, but knows that I adore), but he thinks 2 a year is enough. I think he gets angry about it because he's secretly scared I'll blow all my income when we get into careers. I understand that, but I wish he would turn that into concern and support rather than frustration.
  5. My SO would like me to get more designer bags. He would give me the nudge and offer to lend $$$ or even offer a good 10% share [which I love the most out of all his offers]. Right now, I'm broke because last 4th of July weekend he just convinced me to buy a Fendi Baguette on sale. And two weeks ago I just bought a Ferragamo bag. The Fendi should be arriving anytime soon. When I see it, I'll probably lose the regret!