Does anyone else's significant other NOT support your bag love?

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  1. Seems like so many of you have significant others that totally support your Coach habit. Mine does not at all and thinks it's a total waste of money!

    Anyone know what I mean? :lecture:
  2. My DH supports it...he knows it makes me happy and takes me to the outlets :smile: But, he doesn't generally like most of my bags.
  3. Mine goes back and forth, but normally, he doesn't like it. He never tells me I shouldn't spend my money how I choose, but he does comment on the cost of the bags (and the quantity of bags I already have). Sometimes he says I deserve a new bag, etc., etc., but normally it's either a) could care less, or b) thinks they are too expensive. My mother, on the other hand, has plenty to say about my Coach love!
  4. I don't have a SO but I hope my future SO (when I finally find one, that is) is cool about me obsessing, loving and buying Coach :lol:

    It's occay if your DH doesn't support your Coach habit cause you got us Coachies here :flowers: You can share your Coach joys and sorrows with us.
  5. Mine doesn't think it's a waste of money... but a waste of time... I am very embarrassed to say we've gotten into arguments because he doesn't understand my need to pick every bag up and walk around the store 10+ times to see if I've missed anything. Now I just take the little man with me and leave the big man at home with his video games. LOL!
  6. Mine too does not "say" anything negative, but he does roll his eyes and shakes his head when I tell him I want or need to go to the Outlet... Plus, he does get frustrated when I buy a bag, only to return it shortly thereafter.. He is much happier when I actually get a bag I want to keep ...LOL.... At least then, he feels the trip was worth it... (I am trying to be better about choosing which bags to buy and keep.. instead if buying willy nilly... LOL)

  7. Mine thinks it's a waste of money (I have 7 Coach bags... I know some of you ladies buy that many in a week and I wish I could too) and we got into an argument over my new parker hippie because I had JUST gotten the berry zoe for my birthday, the green for our 4 year anniversary in March, and a small Michael Kors in between all that. I don't go to the outlets much and we don't spend that much time there because it's always been super crowded and I CANNOT stand crowds, so the waste of time part is not an issue. Although he thinks I spend way too much time on the purse forum. He has no idea that seeing all you lovely ladies' bags and watching reveals lets me live vicariously through you, and spend less! Hah... silly males...

    I'm most likely going to get the parker small wallet and I bet he's going to flip his lid. At the moment though we have only a cellphone bill, pittance rent and food expenses. We live with my father and his wife while we're in college and they totally support us in finding out what we want to do for a living. But the bf thinks I'm going to go nuts spending. He doesn't realize that I buy only 1 (ONE, just ONE arg!) bag a year, and hope for the others as presents. I've already made the commitment to pay off my one credit card, only making purchases on it that I can pay off each month, and put a large chunk of every paycheck into savings. It is MY DAGGUM MONEY and I can do with it what I please!

    Sorry for the rant, but I needed to get that off my chest... he really doesn't understand...
  8. This is exactly the same as my SO. He doesn't mind my love for Coach and sometimes even supports it, but he gets a little annoyed that I'm always on to the next thing or I can't make up my mind. I understand why it gets annoying, it annoys me too that I'm so flaky! :P
  9. Lol. My DH doesn't understand. I explain to him some people it's shoes, with me it's coach purses. He really gets annoyed when I buy a bg carry it a week then I'm over it and don't car for it anymore. Then the time when I get a bag leave the tag on her a week or 2 and still haven't carried her. Lol guys will never understand. I just thnk over time they wil be callused to's been 5 years and he's starting to see...such as a bag I found onthe bay he said just get it, I'm wrapping it for your bday! Lol I told him he can't pick out any of my bags, this way is perfct!!
  10. Thanks everyone! Glad to see I'm not alone! :smile: I'll enjoy what I have and buy when I can!:biggrin::biggrin:
  11. My ds has no problem with my love for bags. Of course I mostly try to get the pre-loved bags and I don't have a ton of them. But he tells me to stop messing with the used and get new ones, which has been tempting but I haven't yet. It works both ways with us as in if he wants something I have no problem with him buying it. We both agree that you only live once and might as well get what you want (of course as long as we can still pay the bills). I don't know how I'd act if he was totally against it. It would be hard to enjoy my collection if he was constantly on my case about it. I'm grateful he's not! I do hear negative comments from my parents, sisters, and others. That doesn't bother me one bit.
  12. My DH doesn't mind my love for Coach. He bought me my first bags when we were just dating, and truth be told he has excellent taste. He does hate ebay though, and constantly tells me to stop looking there and just buy what I want at the FP store. I hardly ever win any auctions, so maybe he has a point. He also really hates the outlets for some strange reason, but the one I visit most is in Atlantic City, NJ so my shopping there is usually just a small part of a larger (and more fun) outing. Often he waits for me in the car (yes, he would rather sit in the car and read the paper for an hour than go in the outlet) while I see what's new.
  13. My DH rolls his eyes and likes to carry on, but I think he is secretly proud of my bags, and notices bags when we're out and about and is well educated on the subject!:biggrin:
    He works with mostly ladies and can hold his own in any conversation with the ladies as well as teach them a thing or two about handbags and identifying counterfeits, etc! lol! ;)
    (He has a golf obsession, so I figure we're even!:P)
  14. My boyfriend doesn't like bags himself but he 'gets it'-- he has a love for buying expensive musical instruments and peripherals, so he's in no position to talk! He spends hours obsessing over the color of his next guitar and the chrome of the knobs that he'd replace, etc. etc. It's just like my bag love except in a different and often more expensive medium!

    Maybe there's something your DHs or SOs buy too? Electronics? Car parts? It might give you a little bit of leverage in justifying your next purchase ;)

    The funny thing about my dad, too, is that he loves to look at bags with my mom. He's usually the one wanting to buy the more expensive bag while she's the one saying she's happy with the cheaper option :P For an electrical engineer he's very opinionated about women's clothing/accessories, hehe.
  15. I will admit that I get a bit jealous when I read post by all the ladies whose SOs fully support their love of Coach. DH is quite the opposite. He's never mean about it or anything, but he does get annoyed. It does take some of the joy out of it for me when I show him a new bag and he just says, "Great. Another one you'll use for a month and then get tired of." He also doesn't understand why I love tPF so much. I keep telling him that if he would take more interest in and be more supportive of my Coach love, maybe I wouldn't be on here so much!