Does anyone else's dogs go CRAZY after they have been bathed

  1. Does anyone else's dogs go CRAZY after they have been bathed? Mine run in circles, go into a frenzy, jump on each other, and race around the house. Every time!

    Is this because they feel good after they've been bathed?
  2. I think they just do this for fun and they really excited that the ordeal of the bath is over.

    I used to have a dog that did that too. And then she'd shake her wet fur all over me.
  3. YES!!! lol!

    I thought it was just my babies that did it! They go absolutely nuts and will chase each other around in circles, full speed around my living room, wrestling, doing their little Chihuahua growl things :p
  4. Mine do the same thing!!
    Crazy fast laps arounf the coffee table in our living room =)
  5. I literally just spewed my Coke after I read this... YES! Especially the running in circles thing. One of mine likes to take the towel we've just dried him off in and bear-hug it, attack it, sling it from side to side. Crazy boy!
  6. LOL My older dog does the exact same thing; he always had. I just assumed that his behavior was a result of being mad because he had to have a bath. He HATES getting a bath!
  7. My dog does this too! She loves baths so I always just thought she was excited to be clean lol.
  8. Yep, my dogs run all over and bite eachother after they've been bathed. Normally, they are the world's biggest coach potatoes.
  9. Yes! I didn't realize that all of them do this. Mine runs back and forth and up and down the stairs like crazy. I figured that maybe it is her way of speeding up the drying process.
  10. mine does this too....she's a bundle of energy and after having to stay still for a bath for a few minutes she's bouncing off the walls! :yes:
  11. Count me in as dogs chase each other, run around super fast & in circles.
  12. Yep mine goes crazy also. That is the ONLY time he runs around. He normally is VERY mellow and lazy. It is so cute to watch
  13. LOL mine go crazy!!!
  14. Oh yes! I have several videos of them running around the house like they are being chased, jumping on the furniture, jumping on each other! I love it! I should bathe them everyday, it is great exercise.
  15. Prince does the same thing. He runs all over the house and he also gets in his dog bed and does circle after circle after circle. It's so fun to watch.