Does anyone else's DH ever say " that's so tiny for that amount of money, is ...

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  1. #1 Mar 27, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2016
    So last night I was showing my DH the Felicie wallet on chain. It's 925.00. I told him it was under the 1000.00 mark. When I went upstairs to swap pit my bags he saw my MC pochette. He then asked me - "the bag you are eyeing is it larger than that one on the bed?" I looked at him and smiled and said not by much I don't think. But it has more pieces inside of it. Lol. He laughed and says that's really small for the price. Is there anything of a larger size perhaps? I said sure. There are always larger sizes. But in the price range there's a speedy(s). Higher price range - Noe, Delightful, Neverfull, etc.

    Now I own 2 pochette and one mini pochette. The mini pochette was purchased new as a valentines gift 2 years ago. Even with the prices put together was still not enough to add up to the cost of a speedy. 800.00. I actually do not own a speedy. Lol.

    He is making me rethink the lovely felicie for maybe wanting something larger. To be clear - I do have a good number of smaller bags and medium to larger bags as well. I am not lacking for sizes. Lol.

    I wonder, has anyone's else's hubby ever said similar or helped sway your choice to getting a "larger more usable bag" for the price we pay for LV.

    On the plus side - he totally knows how I am and knows how well LV retains their value. Even compared to jewelry I find the few LV I do have are actually worth more than my gold pieces. Lol. Wow. To have gone in on LV stock even 20 years ago. Anywhoooo..... That's a whole other fantasy.
  2. Whoops. Mods please move. Not sure how I ended up here lol. Was posting in general LV. :smile:. Thanks!
  3. Totally wrong place. I reposted. Kindly close or delete this threat oh great mods! :smile:. Thank you!!!
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