Does anyone else work for Coach?

  1. Hello!

    First of all, I am new, and I'm really glad I signed up here! I really like Coach.

    I was wondering if anyone else here works for Coach? I've been working at a Coach outlet store for a while now and I love it, it's really a fun job and Coach is a great company. Our store manager has been with the company for 12 years. I'd like to see other peoples' opinions on working there.

    Also, I can try to help people with questions about Coach products like how to care for your bag, bag repairs, or what sort of stuff we have at the outlet stores right now. I'm not an expert yet but I'll try my best to answer your questions. But I can't answer questions about things like company policy.

    Anything related to Coach bags I would be happy to try and help you with. :smile:
  2. :welcome: Welcome to the forum, Cloudwalking! I don't work for Coach, but I do like the brand. Thanks for offering your Coach info. services, I'm sure the girls are going to appreciate it!
  3. Hi Cloudwalking! I work at a Coach Full Price store :smile: I've been working there for a year now and I absolutely love my job. I started as support and i've climbed the ladder up to the top sales person and this holiday I will most likely be the seasonal manager :smile: There are a few other girls here whom i've met that work for the company, but i'm sure they'll pop in and say hi :smile:
  4. Welcome Cloudwalking! I'm not an SA just a Coach fan.

    I would love to work for Coach part-time or something. Just to be surrounded by Coach all day (big sigh)!! I would like to ask the lovely SA's a few questions about working there, but not sure if I'm allowed to??
  5. depending on the questions, I can answer some if you want to message me :smile:

  6. i guess so far sprinkle, cloudwalking and i are the only ones.

    i'm working at a full price store. have been for almost a year. love it because i have a terrific manager.

    i wish we had commission - but yes, we don't for those of you who are wondering.

    bearonica, working for coach is like any other retail business except you really do have to dress professionally because you will get ignored on the selling floor if you don't dress the part or look it (and trust me, managers will be on you before that even happens).

    if you can sell, and you have an outgoing, friendly personality you'll definitely be hired.

    right now is the best time, as we need seasonals, and they may keep you for regular if you're good.

    but bottom line is, if you can sell, you can work.
  7. That's good too know. Thanks for the information. I go for my interview with Coach on October 1st. I am SO excited! I am not sure of what the selling consist of but you dont get commission? I assume the pay is better than a greeter. I was going to be a greeter and then wait and see how the selling goes and possibly apply for that.
  8. Thank you Ms-Whitney! Appreciate the advice! :smile:
    I'll also PM Sprinkles too.

    SassyCoach - I didn't realize there were other available positions like a "greeter" besides SA (and of course, manager) levels. Good luck at your interview! I hope you get it!
  9. Well, it was a funny story because I went in the store looking for a new tote. I wanted a purse I could hang on my shoulder and just throw my stuff in a go and next thing you know they are complimenting my outfit and I jokingly asked them if they were hiring and thats when she told me what they were hiring for. I got SO excited! Thanks for the wishes. I will keep you posted! I think I would be a great team member in their store.

    OH! I didn't get a tote that day but I went to the outlet store this past Sunday in Dawsonville and I found me a Black Signature MKT Tote! I am SO excited....all over again!!
  10. Welcome to the forum!

    Not a COACH SA but I wish I was one! My BF spoke to a girl who was one and she told him the discounts she gets in the full-price and outlets. Needless to say he insists when we get married and when I don't want to work at my job anymore, I'm more than welcome to try working at Coach. LOL.
  11. hey! I don't work at the actual Coach store, but I sell Coach inside Macys. Maycs itself is kind of blah but I do enjoy selling Coach! I'm currently trying to see if I can get a job at the actual Coach store, infact. Oh and welcome!
  12. Welcome. I'm not an SA...although the manager at my store in California tried to offer me a job a few times....since I was in the store like 2 times a week.... I think working at Coach would be bad for me...I'd blow all the money made on COACH! I have such a hard time evidenced by my huge collection!
  13. There are actually quite a few different positions- Store Manager, Associate Manager, Assistant Manager, Sales (different levels) and Support Staff (they mainly work on busy weekends and are essential during the holidays- they do cashier, wrapping, stock etc).

  14. Thank you for the warm welcome, everyone. It's cool to meet other people who love Coach so much over the internet! :biggrin:

    I love working at the outlet. I work at a very busy one so it's extremely fast paced and there are always a lot of people in the store. Sometimes it can be overwhelming especially when you're feeling anti-social, but it's still fun. All the girls I work with are great gals and big Coach fans as well.

    I'm a part time level 1 employee, but I'm planning to switch to full-time pretty soon. I can sell, but I'm not the top seller in our store by a longshot :P There are about 5 girls ahead of me, but we have a very large staff. My real strength is cashiering. I kind of do a mishmash of things. I tend to clean a lot because I hate when the store looks messy.

    I'm looking forward to the big shopping season coming up. Our store is opening at 12 AM on Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) as part of a mall-wide Midnight Madness event. I'm soooooo excited!

    Sometimes I wish I worked at a full-price store because it seems less hectic than this crazy outlet. But I love my co-workers so I wouldn't want to transfer, even though there are about 3 full-price stores within a 50 mile radius of me!

    I can try to answer any questions by PM too, or you can post in this thread. I hope I can help people with outlet-specific questions.

    Thank you again for the warm welcome all :smile:
  15. Haha do you work at Birch Run?! That one is near me and it's always crazzzyyy!

    The staff I work with always joke with me because i'm basically the "product specialist" at my store and they always ask me if something is sold out/ available to order and etc. I'm so glad we both work at stores with a staff we enjoy!