Does anyone else wish gucci would add more color to their designs?

  1. I got all the basic colors I need in multiple handbags. Now, I would like to expand out to more colorful handbags. I want to see more red, turqouise, and yellow. What color would you like to see gucci do more of? Do you ever get bored with the same old color scheme?
  2. i like all the metallics. they had some in their past collections but im such a late bloomer. I didn't jump on it. I would like to see more reds too!
  3. DITTO gucci fan!!! I've always want them to design more colorful bags! So at least I'm not alone. I definitely want to see more pink (like the one Jessica Simpson has!!!), green and yellow!
  4. I wish red and dark blue
  5. It would def. energize gucci sales.
  6. YES!!! When Tom Ford was in charge he definitely injected more color into the designs (purple, green, etc), and I think it made the purses very fun.