Does anyone else wish Bal had more selections in smaller handbags?

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  1. :confused1:
    It seems every new style that comes out keeps getting larger and larger, and with the Box being discontinued, the only other small bag choice we have is the First. Which most of us know sometimes is a little too small for our needs. Does anyone else wish they had more smaller bag choices, like I do? I have nothing against the larger bags, and I certainly know lots of gals love them, and need the room. I just wish along with them they had a selection of small everyday casual bags to chose from too!
  2. Im with you deana, they just seem to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger!!!! bring back the BOX!!!!
  3. ITA with you Deana :yes:

    The First is all time fav b-bag style but I would like to see something in between that and the City - like the Box was I guess...small but still practical. I loved the Box:heart:

    As well, I am hoping the Step will be a stumpy version of the Brief in which case that may satisfy me because I love the Brief but find it too deep/too large.

    There seems to be a couple of new styles though and I wonder if any of them will turn out to be a bit smaller than we are expecting :shrugs:
  4. Yes, yes, yes!!! Something in between the first and the city would be perfect. I am not a box or twiggy fan. The shapes just don't seem right to me.

    Although after buying my white first, I am becoming a first convert. In fact, I just got on the waitlist for a violet about an hour ago.
  5. :yes:
    I am a First convert as well. But really only because they discontinued the Box. I do however like to have diversity in the styles of my bags, rather than have them be all the same but in different colors. So having First's and Box's would be ideal! I am with you on the Twiggy, it's long baguette shape looked a little funky to me when I briefly had one. The Box however is the perfect size and really cute looking as well. If you haven't seen one in person you might want to give it a try. I stuff mine for storage and photos, but when it is in use the leather slouches nicely and it has a cute non-boxy look to it. But that still leaves us without many options for the new seasons! I was hoping the smaller Matelasse was going to be similar to the Box, but it is much, much, larger!
    1-03-07032.jpg 1-03-07065.jpg 1-03-07051.jpg 05-04-07068.jpg 05-04-07051.jpg
  6. I actually bought a blue india box as my very first B-bag but I didn't love it so I sold it. I replaced it with a blue india purse.
  7. I agree! I love the style of the Mini Bowling but there's nothing mini about it. I'd love it if they came out with a smaller version.
  8. :yes:
    I totally agree! There are a few bags that I would love if the exact same style would come in a size smaller. The Matelasse bags are even called medium, and large size. Someone mentioned a new quilted bag that is called the mini purse but looks like a smaller version of the Matelasse, that I would love to see!
  9. I'm more into smaller bags too so I'm hoping the mini matelasse won't be too small, hopefully around the same size as a first.
  10. noooooooooo!!!!! LOL~ just kidding!!!:p I love big bags!!! I know you all probably hate me now!!! HA! HA!
  11. I'd love to see it also. I should've asked Daphne about it today but I was already set on the Medium. BTW, your FB Matelasse inspired me to get the same one in Grape! Daphne said I was the first on the list! I can't wait!:yahoo:
  12. I don't know if this would be considered a "smaller" handbag, but I wish Bal made a waist / belt bag.
    I know, I know - color me nerdtastic.
  13. Yes, i hope to have more smaller bags such as clutches and other nice designs but however, i realised that i don't seem to see much on this except some new designs for the GH.....:smile:
  14. :heart:
    I was thinking of that style in Grape as well, especially with the regulare size shiny silver hardware! I can't wait to see it!
    No one could ever hate you Zac! That's impossible! And I do like some of the large bags, I just wish Bal would offer more small bags along with all the large ones. Toss in the choice of any style bag with any kind of hardware, including regular size shiny silver, and I would be in Bal heaven! But then my husband and my bank account would be in Bal hell.
  15. The first classic is just a little bit too small for me (unfortunately) - it would be perfect if there were a style between this and a city :p !
    I only have 1 city, 3 purses and 2 days right now .... those styles are perfect for me too :yes: :heart: , will get 1 more city in August (the LE magenta) and hopefully a further Eggplant purse :drool: !
    Do you know how 'big/small' the new 'Step' will be ? Would this be an alternative maybe :confused1: ?