Does anyone else wear their CLs around the house?

  1. Does anyone else wear their CLs around the house, just to make yourself feel better? :nuts:

    I'm getting ready, doing hair and makeup - going to a Super Bowl party in Weston in a couple of hours - and eating lunch, and wearing my leopard Rolandos while doing so :shame: LOL I have on a ratty tank top and a pair of those MJ Soffe stretchy gym shorts, so it's not the most fashionable look. But now that I'm wearing a pair of CLs, I feel fabulous ;)

    I know that some of us wear our shoes in the bedroom :devil: But what about around the house, doing mundane chores or just while relaxing, reveling in the beauty that is a pair of CLs?
  2. Guilty.......I have bought so many (by my standarts) in such a short period of time that they can only come out of their hiding one after another. So when I am alone at home I get to pull out one or the other. Now for some the weather is just not right yet so they only get to parade infront of the mirror.
  3. I wear mine around the house to stretch them out and break them in! Or if I don't have an outfit yet to wear a particular pair with, I wear them around the house until I buy one! haha
  4. Yes! I am guilty as charged. Folding laundry, washing dishes, paying bills, just lounging around the house and what are on my feet? Louboutins of course. I do it as part of the break in process.
  5. All the time!!
    Nothing like coming out of the shower with your hair wrapped in a towel, eating cereal over the kitchen sink while wearing Louboutins.:shame:
  6. Im glad im not the only one!!!
    When im having a bad day I put them on and walk all over the house.....stopping at ever mirror of course! lol
  7. I completely agree! It's so funny that we all will wear them lounging around the house either to admire them or to break them in. Most women rip off their high heels when they get home to put on bedroom slippers, socks, or some other "comfy" shoe. Not us, we all have Barbie feet that are crave to be wrapped in a beautiful CL. They are sooo pretty!
  8. I do this all the time- Its my favorite way to relax when I get home... Put on my shoes and relax here on tpf!
  9. Guilty! And I'm not sorry. We live in an apartment building with the washer and dryer in the back hall ... our upstairs neighbors are an elderly couple from Tibet, and I know they think I'm nuts for doing laundry in my pyjamas and 5-inch heels ...

    but I sure look fab.
  10. That's cute... Coming here, dressed appropriately... :flowers:
  11. LOL! At least you look good :nuts:

    And this is why I love tPF. The fact that I am not alone in wearing my CLs around the house, and I can come here and talk about it with you all!
  12. well yeah! i wear heels to do the dishes because it makes the task remotely bearable!
  13. LegalDiva - :lol:. Reminds me of the time I went outside to get the mail in sweats, a tank and 5" Pigalles...:shame:
  14. Guilty too! I wear them while doing anything and everything. They just make me feel happy :smile:
  15. Sometimes I lay on the couch watching tv with my CL's and pj's on.