Does anyone else wear just their E-ring....

  1. WITHOUT a wedding band?
    I have a white gold setting that has pave and filigree on all three sides.
    Here's the link to a ring that is similar to mine:
    Since it's so ornate, I never got a wedding band b/c I feared it rubbing up against my e-ring and damaging the gold and the stones.
    Also, nothing sits flush, and the few bands I found that sat close just overpowered my ering.
    Here's what troubles me a little though.
    Although my ring is quite ornate and looks like it should be a stand-alone piece, the band of the e-ring is quite thin, like maybe 2mm or even 1.5.
    I'm married now and no one asks if I'm only engaged, but I guess I'm wondering if you all saw a woman with a delicate, slender ring w/o a wedding band, would you think she wasn't married?
  2. I wouldn't think a woman without a band isn't married, especially if she has any kind of ring on her ring finger (maybe that's just French usage).

    Your ring is really beautiful. You are right to wear it as it is. Let is shine!
  3. Assuming I had never met her and dont know anything about her, I would think she wasn't married, only engaged.
  4. I have seen people who wear e ring in the left hand and wedding band on their right hand.
  5. I don't wear a true band.
    I've been asked if I'm engaged before and I always say "no, this is my wedding ring"
    DH proposed to me w/ my princess cut diamond as a solitaire on a skinny gold band. After a few months we chose a better setting and changed it to by set on a band w/ channel set baquettes. It's all in one I guess{?}
  6. I do. I only wear my E-ring, no bands or what so ever. I have short fingers so just a E-ring is enough =)
  7. I wear both but my friend wears, like Swanky, an all in one ring. She's a flight attendant and only wanted one ring. She and her DH also designed it because she wanted it to be "flat" so it wouldn't catch on anything. It might also be a cultural thing, too...she's from Germany. It's really unique and quite beautiful!
  8. I would think that shes married or planning to atleast hahaha, honestly i prefer the engagement ring without the wedding band.... Actually i just don't like the wedding bands i know it symbolizes a person union to another but they're not as great as the engagement one hahahaha
  9. I'm married but I only wear my e-ring. Don't like the look of two rings on my short fingers, and besides that my e-ring looks best when worn alone.
  10. I only wear my engagement ring, because it is my wedding ring also. I don't have a separate band, in part because of how I already have short and stubby fingers. I think many women do this now.
  11. My original diamond has been reset in a setting that IMO is substantial enough on it's own, so I do not wear a wedding band with it. It is set in white gold.

    My wedding band is yellow gold, and I usually wear that with my late MIL's e ring that is a solitaire. I switch, but I tend to wear my wedding band/MIL's ring the most.
  12. I have a very ornate E-ring, also. I am not planning on getting a traditional wedding band, either. It totally takes away from the look of my ring, IMHO.

    However, I do have a 1 carate diamond eternity band that I wear when I horsebackride, or when I just don't feel like being as flashy :smile:
  13. I have always worn my engagement ring (it's just like Swanky's original ring) with a thin gold wedding band. I'm very low-maintenance when it comes to jewelry. About three months ago, I looked at it without the band and I thought it looked so much better without it. So I just wear my engagement ring. I've been married nearly 20 years with three kids. At my age, it doesn't bother me if people think I'm married or not but sometimes I wonder if people think I'm engaged.
  14. No I wear both my e-ring and wedding band on the same finger and they both have pave on all sides. They don't really rub together and the Michael B ppl said they were meant to be worn together. Just on a personal note, I'd feel weird not wearing my wedding band because I'm married and not in the engagement phase.
  15. I only wear my er, and I never gave it any thought till now. I love to wear lots of jewellery (my dh has jewellery shops) and to be honest my wedding band adds nothing to the look of my er and it has never been missed. Maybe if it was more beautiful or fit in better with my er I would consider wearing it (ie if it sparkled!!!). Im obviously not sentimental about my wedding band, probably dont even know where it is!!!

    And, Im not sentimental about my er either.....would upgrade in a heartbeat!!!:graucho: