Does anyone else think the REVERSIBLE tote is...

  1. Ok i bought the Reversible stripe tote in punch... BUT i feel like returning it
    a) cause it was $290 plus tax
    b) casue its REVERSIBLE!

    Is this crazy?!! Does anyone think this too... i dont know why but knowing that its reversible makes me want to return it... like it cheapens it or something... please tell me i'm crazy so i can keep it!

    lol :shrugs: :push:
  2. i love this one! i perosnally don't reverse mine (i have the khaki/gold), since i do think it looks kinda tacky reversed, but to each her own! however if you are not in love with it, then return it and find something else you adore :smile:

    please post pics, i love the punch color...
  3. I thought the signature stripe stuff was ugly when it first came out, and didn't start liking it until recently. Unfortunately now that I like it, the color I wanted it sold out of the large tote. I like the punch one, but it's so small..I'll probably still get it though. I may even go tomorrow to buy it.

    Don't let the fact that they're calling it reversible, bother you. Honestly? I have never seen one worn that way, and I think we all pretty much think it looks stupid reversed. Instead, just think of it as a more creative lining than they normally have. *L*
  4. stophle what color were you looking for in the large tote?
  5. I wanted it in the crimson. I was lucky and got the crimson planner at the outlets a few weeks ago, and wanted to get a matching bag. I also liked the blue one. The gold would have been okay too. *L* It's just, I don't like any of the colors that are left.
  6. I bought the small reversible stripe tote in crimson a while ago because I love the crimson colour and because it was the last one and I knew it was being discontinued. But I got it home and realized that it's kind of a really dumb design. I HATE the lack of pockets. The one zippered pocket is too small to really hold anythin. The dogleash closure is completely pointless. I've never understood the point of that on bags. I mean, it doesn't protect anything inside the bag...someone could still reach in and steal a wallet really easily. So why bother having it? Plus, I HATE where it's positioned on the stripe tote. It's right smack in the middle of the zipper on the pocket, so that it gets in the way if you want to zip or unzip the pocket. The only way around it is to just leave the pocket unzippered, which totally defeats the purpose of having a zippered pocket. Also, I would never bother to reverse the bag because a) I think it looks kind of weird, especially since the seams bulge out and b) then the zippered pocket would be on the outside and would look really bulky if there was anything in it.

    Yeah, so that's my long-winded way of saying that I really wanted to love the bag because of the colour but I'm going to return it. I've got the sig stripe wristlet and large beauty case in crimson so at least I don't feel like I missed out on the colour totally.
  7. I have a reversible tote and I love it. It's very roomy and I thought the price was reasonable. I never reverse my bag, it's not my taste. The punch is gorgeous, I would keep it.
  8. I have the black and silver one and had it monogrammed. So even if I do tire of it I'm stuck with it unless someone else has the same initials!
    I do like it btw. the reversability of it is like having 2 bags in one. doesn't cheapen the experience for me.
  9. I do not understand.. did u know it was reversible when u purchased it?
    I do not see how that would factor in as a disadvantage. I personally have only seen a few that i would possibly like... for some reason the series does'nt appeal to me. I would never reverse it.. i think the idea is a lil daft. JMO. But if the bag looks good and U like it overall go ahead and enjoy your bag!! I think for some reason u are suffering from buyers remorse.

  10. Yeah i think you guys are right... its just i feel SPOILED after going to the outlets... now i feel like $300 or RETAIL is A LOT for a COACH!!

    lol Crazyness i know...

    i ADORE the color punch (why did they call it punch if its more of a fuschia?!?!? hot pink???)

    anyway i just dont like the fact that its reversable... its like dumb to me... and i do HATE that little dumb clasp thingy... but i was GOING to return it cause i was going to PARIS but we missed out on the special ($383 roundtrip tickets to PARIS!! i know i cried for an hour!!)

    So now we are going to Cozumel and i wanted to take a tote... but i'm afraid someone is going to reach in and steal my wallet or my passport!!! lol
    Plus i went to the outlets this sunday and bout two little beauties!

    but i love the signature stripe thing... i just HATE the closing clasp thing and the reversrible thing... ugh... but i like how it looks...


  11. By the way is this ur engagement ring???? (ur avatar?) ITS GORGEOUS!!!
  12. lol i always think that about totes too
    somebody reaching into it when i'm on the bus or something
    anyway i'm totally not a tote person because i drop my bags all the time!
    the thought of my stuff spilling onto the ground makes me uneasy

    well although this probably won't help
    you know what they say about the reversible thing
    it's like two bags in one.. i dunno! i personally think that makes it more versatile
    i don't own any reversible bags though because i just can't see myself taking the time out to reverse a bag for any occasion.. lol
    but i guess it's really a taste thing
  13. i dont think its that bad of an idea. i reveresed a hamptons tote that i have and its ok looking when its reversed, personally i wouldnt reverse the signature stripe. i too wanted the crimnson soooo badly but i was on a ban and didnt pick it up :sad:
  14. I like the stripe totes, but don't think I would ever reverse it. The pocket being on the outside when reversed would bug me to no end.
  15. I LOVE my reversible!! Although, I do not reverse it. I just think its great and I want one in every color! lol