Does anyone else think that their MAB is a bit Heavy??

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  1. Just wondering, do any of you feel that the Mab is heavy, is it because of all the hardware? Compared to my MAB, my LV Speedy 30 is much lighter!
  2. But thankfullythe MAB can be worn on the shoulder!
  3. It is definitely on the heavy side. Its not that heavy, but if you are used to LV, then its going to feel pretty weighty.
  4. IMO, its not heavy at all. However, when you start filling it up with all of your stuff, then it gets kind of heavy. I justify it though by telling myself its making me buff in the arms!
  5. I think it is heavy but not uncomfortably so. I have lighter bags....but the weight would never keep me from wearing it.
  6. It would definatley not keep me from wearing my bag! I have already got so many compliments on it!
  7. Is yours a mini or regular? The night blue is actually my lightest rm bag because of the lighter leather--my others are heavier. The minis are lighter than the regular size, but again it depends on the leather. My MAB in Night Blue is Lighter than my chocolate mini b/c of the leather. It depends on the leather...Also keep in mind an LV Speedy is very very light--its canvas and leather has much more weight.
  8. Its a morning after mini.
  9. It's going to be heavier since it's leather compared to just coated canvas. There are some different leathers however. Some are lighter then others. Maybe needs taking getting used to it since you've been only using the 30 but you should get used to it in no time!