Does anyone else think RGGH used to be more pink?!

  1. I recently parted with my Anthra RGGH City because I had found myself not using it - partly because I have preferred my newer Papyrus GSH City since acquiring it a year ago, and also because the rose gold hardware seemed to have faded over time. It was lovely and pink when it was new but had faded to look more like antiqued yellow gold which I wasn't too happy about. So I had fallen out of love with it for a couple of reasons.

    However, I have noticed from recent reveals - mainly G12 bags - and also the G12 RGGH bags in stores that the rose gold seems much less pink these days and that makes me sad! I wanted to acquire a RGGH G12 Velo one day as I do have rose gold jewellery and a Michael Kors watch in rose gold, but I don't even think the bag would compliment those now because it doesn't seem rosy enough! Anyone else noticed this?
  2. Yes! If you do a search someone posted comparison pics. I think it was 2Shai_.

  3. I've read about rose gold metal (14K & 18K) and it can 'fade' over time. Sometimes the rose color is applied to the gold itself.

    Rolex, at one time, had a special process they developed that kept rose gold "rose", I would see it in their ads.
  4. My 2010 mRGGH on my town had a much rosey coloured zipper than the actual studs. Then I recently bought an Anthra pencil, and the rosegold hardware on that is just appalling. It feels like tiny metallized plastic. At least the town had some sheen to it, this one just feels like its rusted.

    It sucks cos we pay trough our nose for these items, the least they can do is keep the quality up.

    I would love to see the kind of rosegold used on AWang bags. Those are magnificent. My Rocco has not lost its sheen at all. For a long time I didn't keep it in its dustbag as I liked the look of the hardware displayed out on my shelf. I didnt find tarnishing or oxidization.
  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this about RGGH! Sometimes I think I'm too fussy and pick out faults most people wouldn't notice but it's right that these bags should be perfect for the money we pay for them! I think back now to when I bought my Anthra and I'm sure that if I'd gone for GSH, I would never have parted with it.