Does anyone else think Anderson Cooper is HOT HOT HOT?!

  1. Everyone thinks i'm crazy but Anderson Cooper is friggin hot! I literally sit there and drool over him during this 360 show. If i'm at the gym i have to find a machine thats right infront of the cnn tv so i dont miss his show. I could care less about what he talks about, altho it is very interesting...but that man is gorgeous!:tender:
  2. HE is WAYYYYYY hot, he's gloria vanderbilts son you know
  3. Omg is he really?? I looked up his profile on his cnn page but it never mentioned anything about his mom or dad. I'm watching the super tuesday primary show on cnn just for him...haha
  4. Anderson is cute!!!
    i always thought so.....and he's a good reporter.
  5. look at this lady...she loves him so much!!:
  6. ^ :wtf:
  7. you're not crazy, I majorly crush on anderson cooper, not just cause he's a cutie but I find him so charming too. :love:
  8. yikes thats scary, the pic even looks scary. yep he was on oprah along time ago, he talked about his famous mom and I think his brother suicide on that show. he seems interesting
  9. Omg that lady with his picture tattood on her leg...wat the hell. Hahaha. I love his eyes.
  10. I love him! He's a very good writer as well. I loved his book Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters and Survival. It was interesting because it contained quite a bit about his childhood and personal life.
  11. O i did not know he had a book out. Going to go get it this weekend! Ok i guess i need to go relook over his profile. Thanks for the info ggk!!!! I've always said that if he had a book out i'd get it, now i can!
  12. yes he is a vanderbilt. He is hot and so put together (of course). did you see him with kathy griffen on NYE, she kept calling him Andy, lol
  13. NOO I sooo wished i stayed home that night to watch his program on NYE. My NYE night would have been so much better spent with him then my stupid ex.
  14. I have to admitt...for an older guy, he is pretty attractive.

  15. that is just scary:s