Does Anyone Else Take Out Her Hermes Bags Just to Play?

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  1. Periodically, I am overcome by the urge to take every single one of my Hermes bags out just to play with them at home. Since I keep each one stored in its sleeper and tucked inside its orange box resting on the tissue pillow, and keep all the straps stored inside their little orange bags inside those boxes, it's a big production to get them all out to play (and then put them away again).

    This leads to composing and trying on outfits (with Hermes scarves, of course) to go with the bags, which all leads to a rather big mess but lots of fun. I always put away the clothing and scarves, but sometimes leave the bags out for a few days just to admire them (or because I'm too tired from all this playing to put everything away immediately).

    Do you do this, too?
  2. Yes :shame: Also, when I get a new bag I put it somewhere I can see it everytime I pass on my way to the kitchen etc. I make sure I can see it sitting at the PC and then catch myself staring at it all the time :rolleyes:
  3. Not all of them at one time but maybe 2-3 at a time. Check me in, please.
  4. Oh yes. I only do it when my husband is not home, for fear that he will catch me and think I am a lunatic.
  5. :nuts:

    i know i know:roflmfao:
  6. And even you ever say to yourself "if only i could get that blank blank bag" then i wont need anymore?
  7. Yes, MillStream, I do! It's fun to get out a bag and then another. Often, I'll be searching for a charm that one bag is wearing to go on another....I'll start looking and in the process several bags come out to play. I'll start looking at them and, this one is sooo beautiful, it's my favorite. Then, I'll take out another and look at it and think....THIS one is my favorite.

    Then I'll think....hey, I want to wear this one tomorrow and start looking for something to go with it ( instead of the other way 'round )

    Sometimes I start "missing" a certain bag and want to wear it or just get it out to look at it. I get moody about my Hermes and it's purely emotional as to which one goes out with me and the funny thing is, if I decide against wearing one that I really wanted to take with me....I'll be in an ill humor all day long:weird:..... planets are not aligned correctly 'cause the bag I really wanted to carry didn't look right with what I'm wearing so I left it home and took the "wrong" bag that really looked right but wasn't the one my heart desired that day.

    Am I ready to be committed:upsidedown:, or what:shrugs:
  8. I like to try out different scarves/pochettes in my Picotin and see how they look with different outfits. :yes:
  9. Count me in too (wildly waving!!!!)

    I used to store them all the same way MILLSTREAM, and then I decided to take each out and store them in all their naked glory next to each other on the shelves of my armoire.....and now I can see them and play with them to my hearts content!!!!
  10. More often I do this mentally, thinking about which bag would go with which outfit.
  11. Me too!! I love to take them out and try on outfits all the time. I do it so much though that I don't have the time and especially the patience to box them up all up again...I also love seeing them on display when I walk into my closet.
  12. Birkins are lotsa fun to play with. Dont just let them sleep in the orange box, carry them around so they can see the world!~:yes:
  13. OOH Millstream--good thread!! I guess sometimes I do play with them..I just never let myself think about it before...I store mine the same way you do. I actually wish I could display them on shelves and art niches, but I'm afraid my husband would start to notice just how bags I really do have:wtf:...and worse, so would I!!! :wtf:(Yikes!)
  14. SM, I've been brainwashed to believe that it's my obligation, as guardian of these Hermes bags, to keep them in their sleepers, stuffed with down boudoir pillows or rolled-up towels, and always resting on their backs (and preferably on their tissue-paper pillows and tucked inside their original orange boxes). I feel a bit guilty if I even keep them out for a few days just to gaze at them, believing that only the one that's going out to play should be upright.
  15. LOL, that's what I thought w/ bag #1!