Does anyone else speed up........?

  1. The break-in process? :sweatdrop:

    I have a hard time waiting for it to happen naturally so I tend to massage them, hang from door knobs and treat them a little "rough" in the beginning...just to speed things up.

    Does anyone else do this? :p
  2. Guilty :shame:
  3. Nope, but I hug 'em a lot. Does that count?:love:
  4. Also guilty ;) hanging them really loosens up the handles
  5. My Aqua broke in real quick from just using her a couple of times a week for a month or so. I think the warm Florida weather helps a lot! Since I'm learning this I'm trying to slow down the "breaking" in process! I love the new sturdiness of my black city. But the broken in look *sigh* is just so yummy.

    Hanging sounds like a cool idea. I bet wearing it over the shoulder is much easier after they have broken in a bit!
  6. Absolutely. When I got my Aqua Day I massaged her and she literally went, "FLUFF!!!" It was amazing....She's like a marshmallow in some places :heart:

  7. Heck yeah! Especially my Blueberry Day, who needed some help getting over her shiny, stiff phase. I actually wrung her like a wet towel after reading descriptions here about making 06 leather more like 05 leather. it worked!
  8. Please do elaborate on this :graucho:

    I also will be hard on my bbags in the beginning if I think they are too new looking. I did this with my SS giant work. I carried it every day and with ALOT of things in it. You should see it now. Its already falling into a heap which I LOVE and its got those slouch lines or leather pull marks on either sides of the handles on the bag part which I particularly love. Its like that front and back now and the handles have stretched a bit.

    Anyway, back to the bag wringing. You were saying?
  9. I am so guilty of this. I loaded up my city and let it hang on a hook when I couldn't carry her. I also was a little rough with her and now it has amazing leather and the handles fit on my shoulder now.
  10. yup, I'm into the massaging and the hanging. The straps feel so much better once they loosen up.
  11. I looove to massage and caress my bbags! Sometimes after putting lotion on my hands, I'll put a little of the residue on the dry spots. I also hung the bags on doorknobs with heavy things inside and even tugged on them a little.
  12. My friend who is also on this board (Hi Sarah!) puts canned foods in hers and hangs them up to speed up the breaking in process!
  13. great idea! :tup:
  14. i shall try it...
  15. I hang mine on the door knob. To loosen the handles a bit, but I don't do the other two things you mentioned to speed up the process.