Does anyone else save $$ for 1 purse, and end up buying another??

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  1. I have had my heart set on getting the tivoli GM once the wait list goes down and they finally have them in the stores. I have not seen it IRL yet and am dying to! Everytime I save up enough for it, I end up buying something else, instead! The first time I went in to check on the Tivoli, I ended up walking out with a gold limelight (impulse buy!!)... ok, it's a beautiful bag and I LOVE IT!:heart: But, gotta save up again... now I've got enough, but I'm on the waitlist for the aquarelle speedy vvn! And now I'm eyeing the epi passy or sac plat! LOL!! :sweatdrop:Am I ever going to be able to save up for the tivoli and actually buy it? Or will it be forever on my wishlist, while my bag collection grows bigger??:P

    I know I'm not the only one! Share your stories, ladies! hehe! :flowers:
  2. Yes, I totally know what you mean. I was deciding between a Chanel classic flap and Suhali Lockit. I got the Chanel and was going to get the Lockit next, but I ended up getting a second Chanel, a Bowling Montaigne, a Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini and a Banana Republic bag instead. LOL. The Lockit is still on the list though!
  3. Absolutely! Always happens to me!!!

    Was saving up for a Mini Lin or a Damier Ebene Speedy, but when I was in the store this past weekend wound up walking out with a Monty GM!

    Two totally different bags!! LOL!
  4. It happens to me all the time. I was planning of getting the Epi Lock-it as my first bag in 2008...and now we are at the end of the first quarter and I have bought 4 LVs and none of them is the Epi. I change my mind all the time and something may come along (ie LE items) and you end up putting some bags on the back burner.
  5. Geez - story of my life! I've been saving up for a Speedy 35 and it's taking all my focus and attention to NOT buy anything else! :smile: It's hard but I'm trying to stay the course. I did veer off a LITTLE bit and bought a Kooba Wallet.....:P
  6. I totally understand you! It happens to me all the time as well...I keep getting other bags/acessories that I happen to suddenly fall in love with and then I don't really focus on my main aim anymore and the wishlist just gets longer....
  7. im sure it happens to everyone! but it ends up being good and not bad. IT PROVES THAT YOU WERE WISE ENOUGH TO REALIZE YOU PREFERRED ANOTHER BAG TO THE ONE YOU HAD ORIGINALLY LIKED!!

    dont you think?
  8. happen to me..:yes:
  9. Alllll the time! Dont worry, youre a normal bag/LV addict :P
  10. It happens to me all the time! I sold my Damier and Monogram speedy 25s so I could get a 30 instead but I ended up using the money on a Mini Lin Croisette speedy and pochette wallet instead.
  11. It happens to me almost every time I buy a bag. My boyfriend says "Don't stress about which bag to get next, hun. You're gonna collect them all someday!" LOL
  12. But I think this time.. I'm really gonna stick to it and get my Mahina XS! Thats the plan!!!:graucho:
  13. Yay! I'm not the only one! LOL!!! :tup:
  14. yup that happens to me, usually for a bigger purchase... trying to save up for over 2k bag but before i save up enough i've purchase a bag for half the price and that saving have to start all over again... sadly... i don't know if i can wait so long...
  15. Not really.....I pretty much set my mind on something and stick with it. I've learned to stop the impulse buying.