Does anyone else read Postsecret?

  1. Does anyone else read Postsecret? It is a website where people anonymously send in a postcard revealing their innermost secrets. It is an interesting look at human nature and creativity. Almost without fail I see one that I can relate to. Every Sunday a new group of cards are posted and they remain up for a week. I have a few ideas on sending one in myself. Anyone else? Here is the webiste address:

  2. Thanks for the link, haven't been there...I should post something LOL
  3. Yeah, I've read those before. They're entertaining once in a while. The guy who does the website published a book of all the secrets.
  4. I sent my postcard into there in March and it was posted on his website :smile:
  5. I always read it but I think this year the secrets aren't as good! Still I can't stop checking it every Sunday.
  6. wow..stealing out of donation bins?

    cool. i will consider that.

    haha just kidding...:idea: :wondering
  7. I love that website...It think its such a cool idea.
  8. I'm glad to see that others are enjoying it, too. Yours was posted? Hmmm..It must have been interesting.
  9. oh, that's so neat! I like the one that says "When we fight, I fantasize about what I'de do with your life insurance money," whoever thought of the website is so creative!
  10. That is an awesome website!!!!!!!!!!! What a creative idea!
  11. I have, it's heartwrenching sometimes:crybaby:
  12. OMG! I can't believe you posted on this...I was thinking about it this morning. It is right above tPF on my favorites list. Love it!
  13. I agree. When the site first started out, the secrets were much more serious and iintriguing to me. But I still check it every Sunday too. =)
  14. i have the's so amazing. i never remember to check the website though. i wonder if they have email updates.
  15. I used to go to another similar site, but it was really much more raunchy and was depressing, so i stopped reading it.