Does Anyone Else Prefer Short Fingernails?

  1. I'm sure I am in the minority here (or maybe I'm the only one), but I have never been able to tolerate even a moderate length of finger nail. Since I was a child I've always kept them short (but tidy).

    Anyone else like me?
  2. I keep mine fairly short too. Im not sure if they are as short as you are referring though. I do them myself, and keep they short and square. Ill take a picture lol.
  3. This is the best pic I could get. They are pretty short to me! Are yours shorter?

  4. i keep mine short, i think they look much more modern and chic than long nails.
  5. I prefer short nails too. I do them myself, and keep them short. They are just easier for me to maintain, and I think they look better on me than longer nails.
  6. Mine are always short....and polished!! :tup: And for the winter in darker colors....browns, reds, etc. Spring/Summer I typically do a paler color so I can paint my toes reds, corals, etc.

    My nails are shorter than the photo above...

    I love short nails with polish! I think it looks very feminine. But, that's just me. :cutesy:
  7. I also prefer short nails. Like preppy--I paint them dark in fall/winter and pale colors in summer/spring. I think short nails look more chic.
  8. I also keep my nails short...shorter even than Val's in her picture. I think shorter nails look more modern when you polish them, and I just can't tolerate any kind of length to them. I just don't think it looks good for me.
  9. Hi ladies :smile: I'd thought I was the only one too! Evidently I was wrong. My DB loves the look of longer nails but I don't care for them. I think shorter nails are definitely more chic, not to mention much more cleaner and works better with my lifestyle.
  10. i love my nails short. i hate having long nails. I think dark colors look so much better with short nails.
  11. I prefer short nails too. Mine are about the same length as Queens.
  12. I bite mine!:shame:
  13. I like short ones too, if mine are long they always end up breaking!
  14. i've been playing the piano and violin ever since i was about 5 or 6, so i've had short nails my entire life. i cut them every 2 weeks so they're perpetually short. i tried keeping them REALLY long before, and they miraculously never broke, but i couldn't do anything with them, so i cut them all off in the end :p
  15. Short is the best imo