Does Anyone else own this bag???

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  1. The picture is from tPFer goingindebt , is the one that I had circle it, black "bucket style" tote.
    Does any one know from what ligne it is from?, price? sku#, more pictures of it?, search the reference library and could not find any info.:confused1:
    Help! I'm clueless:wtf:

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  2. it's the one above the yellow, correct? i have seen it in brown before at saks - i believe it came out last year at least ... i believe the price is $2495 ish ... it's a really cute bag, i was tempted to get it last fall.

    that's pretty much all i know about it - i think my local store still has it in brown.
  3. Thank you!, can you pm me your saks info.:smile:
  4. Saw one in brown and black at NM Natick, MA
    Should be from the Expandable ligne
    pic is from an old thread

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  5. I think it comes in red too and is priced around $2450. I thought it was a drawstring type bag but I don't know the formal name.
  6. I thought it was that really square one that is sort of bulky? Came out before Expandable.
  7. steffibp- this is it!!!, called Saks store locator and got one in brown it should be here on Tuesday- I want to see which one to keep, this brown "bucket" style tote or the large Sharpei brown tote coming on Wed., I had to ordered both because unfortunally for me both bags are coming from the East coast.:smile:
    Thank you ladies for all your help:tup:
  8. btw- yes I was informed that it is part of the expandable ligne (weird?... it does't even look like the other expandable styles:thinking:)
  9. ^ LOL! I think so too. I see it as 'expandable' in a different way.. maybe the bucket style can expand in a way you release the strings to stuff more and pull the strings tighter if you want it smaller? Okay that sounded crap :lol:
  10. The leather is similar to that of the expandable tote and flap
  11. Hey Norma!

    I just saw this at the Chanel boutique on Friday. I think it was in cream. NM also had these. They are cool, they have a drawstring top but the bottom is pretty "square". Be sure to post modeling pics when yours arrives!