does anyone else own the cassandra yet?

  1. or is it just me?!?!? i'm looking to see what anyone else who owns it thinks about it...i'm hoping to post pics of it w/in a couple of's so "un"kooba like in its appearance...was wondering what anyone thought of it who has seen it or who owns it...
  2. I don't think any of us bought the Cassandra or Stella type Koobas. The plain leather ones were much much better than the Glaring Silver ones. Mostly what turned me off was the "rubber?" tubular handles. I assume they must be leather but they looked rubbery to me. From what i heard you say about the bag I am interested in seeing some IRL pics. You may change all of our minds and start a Huge Cassandra Revival.
  3. We definitely need to see pictures and hear your thoughts on the Cassandra. It's not a bag that has interested me in the past and doesn't seem to be very popular here, but heck, I'm open to hearing all about it... you might convert me. Fire away!!!
  4. i hope to have pics posted w/in the next couple of days...i am not a computer savvy person and dh has promised to help....the straps aren't rubbery at all, they're tubular in shape and made of leather...the bag looks great cross body...going to go ask dh to take pics soon!
  5. I saw the Stella and Cassandra at Nordies and LOVED the leather. It is unlike any other Kooba out there, soft as butter, almost as if it would melt away when touched.

    If the new Fall 07 line were in that leather you girls would be climbing over each other to buy one.

    But the shape of those two bags is just not me, nor the rope like handles.
  6. I saw a Cassandra listed on eBay today

    The leather looks divine and reminds me of the leather on my tobacco Ginger. The leather is fabulous and LadySalesRep describes it perfectly when she says "soft as butter, almost as if it would melt away when touched". Sounds like the same leather to me.

    Songofthesea, it's time for you to show us pics, and also modeling pics, you might have us changing our minds about this bag and cause a high demand... you never know.
  7. Now that I've looked at those eBay pictures, it does look interesting. I, as well, would like to see some photos IRL. I would be curious if it is difficult to get into. The top looks more narrow, and then it kind of balloons out at the bottom. We need input!
  8. ok, i just talked (yelled) at dh again to help me with posting pics...i promise to have them up w/in a couple of days!!! thanks for being patient with me...i'm so NOT a technical person...
  9. There was me getting quietly excited that you'd posted pics, but alas no.
  10. I've been looking at Cassandra for weeks and have almost bought one a half a dozen times--So I can't wait to see the pics!! I love the metallic ones!! Bring it on!:heart: