Does anyone else on here love to write?


Jan 26, 2009
I do! I have big dreams of becoming a published author with a best seller, but I have a spastic brain that either can't think of a thing, or thinks of 5 amazing chapters and then gets bored.

I have at least 4 "books" started on my computer (decent amount of writing) that I'll probably never finish!

Does anyone else here write? What genres do you like?
Mar 13, 2009
I also write. I mostly write fanfictions though, I tried to write a novel for fun, but reading and looking at them now, I laugh at my lousy attempt to write such a terrible book. It was ridiculous and just plain silly, I totally threw the whole idea out of the window. Shame on me.

I also thought about becoming an author but there'd be no way I could do that now. I've stopped writing for a long time and thus, I lost my inspiration. I don't think I can become like JK Rowling or Stephen King. That's wishful thinking on my part.

For genres, I love mostly fantasy and non-fiction. I also like horror books. Books like Fear Street series, Harry Potter, and Chronicles of Narnia are my biggest inspirations (besides movies and video games :nuts:). I remember trying to write a story similar to Narnia but I only did the first page. That's the furthest I ever got.

I feel inspired to write again. If only I had some people to share them with.


AKA Paul
Jun 22, 2009
I like to write satire and comedy, but I feel obligated to keep up with a blog and never enough time, so I rarely post it anywhere.


Living Hard
Nov 25, 2008
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Hmm... I used to write as a hobby when I was in my pre-teens to early teens. I don't know what happened. Oh yeah, that's when depression hit hard, and I lost track of my passions from then through college. I would love to just be a much better writer in general, not just for creative writing but for business writing. I want to improve my penmanship with richer clarity and style.


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Sep 13, 2007
I love to write but I can never really get started on anything. I once started writing a story that was up to about 60 pages when I stopped but then my hard drive crashed and I lost the whole thing. I was actually really upset about it! I mostly like to write fiction drama/romance and they're mostly just short stories. I really want to get back into doing it more often.


Oct 30, 2008
I love love love love love writing. It's the perfect way for me to express any type of emotion that is flowing through my body. Writing to me, is a lot better than talking


Jun 10, 2009
I had never written until two years ago, when my DH and a friend talked me into it. I've now finished editing my first novel and have a thirty or so page synopsis done for the second, which I've just started.

I'd have to warn any getting started that the process of getting an agent may be one of the most soul-crushing, slow processes in the world - checking the inbox and mailbox each day (I've got two agents who have requested fulls from whom I'm awaiting responses). A miserable experience. But the writing is addictive, meeting your characters as the book progresses. Especially when they surprise you!

I don't think many will ever finish a novel unless you really commit to working out the twists, highs and lows and the ending. I never thought I would until I could finally envision that, though I have spoken with published writers who just let their book spool out and see where it goes. I certainly agree with mrsklem14 that it is a great way to work through stuff and a lot cheaper than therapy!


Feb 25, 2009
I've been writing since I was 15. Some days I will write for a few hours, other days I will only get out a few words.

I write nearly every day, and the days when I don't write, I usually spend some time thinking about what I'll write next.

I love love love love love writing. It's the perfect way for me to express any type of emotion that is flowing through my body. Writing to me, is a lot better than talking
Definitely agree!