Does anyone else not zip their bag???

  1. Am I the only person who never zips their bag closed? It is just so easy to get in and out of my hand-held bags, that I never zip them closed. The only time this has not served me well was while driving. I had to slam on brakes to avoid a squirrel and all the contents ended up in the floor. BUT, most importantly, I missed the squirrel!:tup::tup:
  2. I used to never zip my bags but my parents got on my case and started talking about me losing stuff etc -_-; so now I just zip my bags.. just a habit now.. I zip everything HAHAHA
  3. I never zip my bags as well...well some cannot be
    but anyway I never zip them apart from the luggage pieces...
    Good thing about the squirrel!!!
  4. I think it's cuter to walk around with the bags open... it's more chic IMO. lol.. I am silly, I know!
  5. It's so funny that this thread got started. I was getting into my car to day and realized I never zip my bag!! I mean I sometimes zip it up when I'm at work but like daily use..My bag is always open...
  6. Hmm.. I never thought about this, but I usually leave my bag unzipped, unless I set it down i.e. on the table, car seat, etc.
  7. never zip. I have the same problem (break slamming=contents alllll over) :smile:
  8. One of the main requirements for me is a zipper. I am paranoid about loosing my stuff. I am always watching my bag when I use my Reade PM.
  9. hehehe--- never zip:push: - but really prefer bags with zipper!:upsidedown: ok- crazy- i know.:lol:
  10. So true!:p
  11. :sweatdrop:Gee---I'm feeling better knowing I'm not the only one who does this!
  12. :okay: Glad you didn't hit the squirrel! And the only bag I don't zipper is my Cabas Piano. All the other one's get zipped up!
  13. I find it easier to not zip my bags, too, but I also like the convenience that I can zip it up when I want to. It's probably a psychological disorder or something. LOL I don't like open-top bags, but when I use my Epi Myrtille Alma or my Miroir Lockits, they are often times unzipped. They are definitely zippered, though, when I am in the car just in case!

    Good news on the squirrel!!
  14. I never really zip my bag unless I'm walking around in a crowded area. I live in NYC though so that happens a lot and when I'm around crows, I just zip it half way.
  15. I don't usually zip my bags... unless it is raining very heavily. I never zipped my Speedy and with my Longchamp bags I only close the leather flap. I guess I don't do it because it takes too long to zip or unzip.
    I haven't used my new Manor bag yet but as it has a leather flap as well I don't think I will zip it. And it's true, unzipped bags do look better!
    Regina ;)