Does anyone else NOT like the Muse..

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  1. I personally don't know why the YSL Muse bag is a "IT" bag..I really don't, (maybe I'm on an LV biased) but I just don't think there's anything to clamour over, it's basically a Alma (Bolide) shape with regular flat strap, and a little round lock, and trim...?

    Maybe I'm just lloking at it, in a creative, non-creative way, but if you do like it, please tell me why? If we're talking about a Birkin, or Twiggy, or Spy...I'd understand but the Muse.?


  2. I agree. It just seems so..., I don't know, dull?
    Hope that doesn't offend anyone. And, I don't get LV either <ducking>
  3. I'm not a fan of the muse, either :shame: I don't like the shape at all.
  4. I just like the simplicity of it - works with anything really
  5. yup nothing really special about it..... too plain?
  6. I like it. But I think I like the ads for it more than the bag itself. I'm not going to buy one...
  7. Raises hand! I just don't understand the appeal...
  8. I think it's ok. It seems rather blasee to me, but I wonder if my opinion would be different after seeing it in rl. The Kelly and Birkin are fairly simple designs and I absolutely adore them.
  9. hater post!
  10. It looks much better being carried (in celebrity photos, for example) than in stock ads, but it doesn't get my heart pounding.
  11. :raising hand

    It's not for me either, and I'm not "hating".
  12. It's simple but very well made. One look and you know it must be from a designer label. I was carrying my large brown Muse to lunch with some girlfriends who have no idea what it was - but they loved it and asked me about the bag immediately. One friend put herself on the waiting list for one rightaway. See it in person. It really is a great bag.
  13. Agree.. I don't like the shape at all....
  14. I like the bag and think that it's classic and timeless but just short of putting me over the edge to make the plunge. I can't seem to find what it is, but I feel like something's missing~~
  15. It looks grandma-ish to me, maybe that's why it's considered classic?