Does anyone else never take their bags out on the town?

  1. Hey there,

    So this is my first post, a weird question I know! But I am a huge MJ fan and recently bought my first: A black patchwork Ines. Which I absolutely love! And I got a unrelated to Marc, but a Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM (which was designed by Marc, maybe that's why I loved it so much!). Anyway, I bought these beautiful bags after just getting out of a long term big relationship (he was against such expensive bags, maybe this was my stance against him in a way). The only problem is that they have been sitting in their respective bags for over a month. I want to take them out, but I'm afraid or something, like I'm waiting for the right occasion for them to be unveiled. Years ago, I bought a wonderful Prada purse that has rarely seen the light of day, I never want these babies to be subjected to that curse.

    Any similar experiences? Please help me understand!:crybaby:
  2. My advice would to be take it out at share their beauty with the world! lol. Seriously though, I myself (in the past) have also purchased so many expensive bags, only to have them sit in my closet or only use it once or twice.

    I decided to change all that when i went out for New Years eve this year and wore my first MJ that i purchased earlier in Dec- a black quilted MP....i must admit that I felt uncomfortable too wearing it- afraid in a sense of how people react, because in the past I've received rude looks because of my bags, and it makes me feel like not wearing them anymore...hard to explain. Anyways, if you love the bags you should enjoy them and find an occasion to wear them! :smile:
  3. Only if I am going to someplace that is smoky, etc. then I don't take them, I have other designated bags for that. Otherwise, don't be afraid to use them. You would be surprised at how many people don't know a designer bag when they see it.
  4. I always use my bags, I especially choose the ones that would be most practical in my every day life!
  5. Definitely break those out! I use my bags all the time. The smaller ones for nights out & the regular sized ones I swap out depending on my mood. I am currently cheating on Marc with LV as well but will be swapping back to my kid, maybe tomorrow. Don't be afraid - unveil one today!
  6. I have been guilty of not using bags for some strange fear, but have been much better at it lately! When I have a boat load of stuff to bring to work (dress shoes, gloves, scarf, hat, books, laptop, etc), I usually don't bring a purse and my work bag (like today)...I just throw my small makeup bag and zip clutch in my big tote. :smile: Also on really rainy days, I don't bring my MJ bags to work.

    Life is too short to not use our beautiful bags that we spent our hard-earned money on!:yes:
  7. Put the fear aside and bring out those bags - it is so much more fun wearing them than just looking at them! And it doesn't matter what other people think! Spending the same amount of money on a different hobby (golf clubs, flat screen tv - you name it) is the same thing. You are spending your own money and should be able to do so in any way you like...
    Personally I'm a bit self-conscious when taking a new bag out for the first time, but I find that I get used to a new one after wearing it for a while...
    It's better when it start to become my bag instead of a new bag - kwim?
  8. I really like those 2 lines you wrote! ^_^
  9. Have you cut the tags yet? maybe you need to do that to help you get over your fear of using it. I find that I don't use a bag if I don't cut the tags right away...
  10. I know how you feel. My first *expensive* bag purchase was from the Gucci outlet, gosh, about 12 years ago, a beautiful shiny black purse. It was to celebrate finally having a steady income, and $450 back then was alot of money for me but I really wanted a nice bag and I'd been eyeing this one for some time. But strangely, I hardly ever took the bag out. Didn't want it to get scratched or dented, etc. So it sat in its bag for years and years (And funnily enough, I *still* have a hard time taking that bag anywhere, even though now I can afford to shell out $400 for a bag :smile: So I can sympathize!

    But a couple of years ago, I decided I was being silly. What was the point of having nice bags, shoes, etc. if you never use them? Essentially, it's a waste of money since you're not getting any return out of your investment. I would've been better served putting my $450 into an index fund, which would be worth approx. $1500 today. When I thought about it in those terms, well... I started using all of my bags more.

    So, to echo everyone else, please take your bags out and get some return out of the sizable investment you just made. Life is too short to merely look at your gorgeous bags.
  11. i understand the hesitation, but for me, having spent so much money on a bag, i feel as if i have to use it in order to make it worthwhile! i actually feel worse when i realize i'm not using certain bags enough and they're just sitting there in my closet. anyway, you work hard, earned those beautiful bags, so you should be able to go out and enjoy them. you'll feel so good once you do!
  12. They need some lovin' and a chance to see the world! Take them out!! You'll feel so much better and have more confidence just when you carry them!
  13. Just pull one out and take it to work or whatever you do in the daytime (if it's not an evening bag, which it doesn't sound to be). That's what I do! Beautiful purses should be carried around, even if just to the office :smile:
  14. bring her out for her debuts! she's gonna love it so much outside, you'll never leave home without one of those babies! show us pics too while you're at it!
  15. i think i have the same problem! thanks for the encouragment .....will break out the bags soon! lol