Does anyone else name their bags?

  1. I love love love bags, I just feel every bag I own is individual (although there must be at least 2000 identical ones out there, but I'm sure you all can understand :yes: ).

    So I've always named my bags (I did this way before I knew designers named the bags themselves, as my bag obsession/education started with simpler, more accessible bags like Coach and vintage Gucci).

    I would look at a bag and just "feel" a name for her... And in the morning I'll think of whether to carry Ivory (LV "Lucille" GM) or Lise (Marc Jacobs "Mia").

    Does anyone else do this? :confused1:
  2. I call them by whatever the name of the bag is. My Speedy 40 is called Louis (made in France) and Speedy 35 is Speedy (made in USA). I call my kate spade bags by what they go by (Pia, Amanda, Maddie, Tracy....) and same with Coach if it has one.
  3. I named my cerises speedy "Betty" clue why LOL
  4. no lol, can't say that i do, but my dog is named Leander, little westie that he is so that's odd, such a formal name.
  5. Ok, sit down, relax, and tell me all about your childhood.........
  6. That's so cute! My little chihuahua is named Tallulah:love:
  7. no i don't... i will forget.. i just call them by their label...
  8. A friend of mind does this--it's very cute :smile: I don't think I call my bags by any name, other than my new LV Groom PPM wallet is now called "Groomie", lol.

    I refer to them more in terms of the "names" given by the different manufacturers, i.e. I call my Chanel Reissue--The Reissue and the luxury line bowler--The Bowler.
  9. My husband has already named my bags...."Dents in the checkbook"...LOL
  10. Hi!
    Yes, I do name my bags. I just got the Epi Speedy 25 in myrtle....I named it blueberry since the sales associate told me myrtle = blueberry in french!
  11. i think its cute to name ur bags.. maybe ill start naming the new ones!
  12. Ha ha... I thought it was just me! Glad to know I'm not alone in naming purses!
  13. It's a cute idea, but I just generally call them all "baby"!
  14. Ha Ha Funny, my name is Ivory. What bag is this?:nuts: Maybe I can have an "official" namesake bag.
  15. No, I don't name my bags, except for those who already have a name (like Alma)... My car has a name though: it's Paul :shame::love: