Does anyone else miss the silver hardware?

  1. I love love love the silver hardware. I am okay with antiqued gold or brass, but I have an aversion to shiny gold for some reason. :sad: I'm sad because it means I will probably never own a black zip clutch with silver hardware.

    On the upside, I guess that means I'll save a lot of money (unless I continue to find older styles with the silver).

    Anyone else feel this way or do you like the gold? Or perhaps it doesn't sway your opinion one way or the other? :cutesy:
  2. I don't mind the gold, but if I have a choice I'll pick silver hardware anyday. I can't wait til he goes back to silver.
  3. I prefer silver also, but I am loving the antiqued gold hardware on one of my Sophias... Some bags/colors look better with the right kind of gold.
  4. I like the gold on the new MJ bags. I think it looks very classy and more elegant. I especially like the black and gold combo. With that being said, I have loved all of the MJ styles w/ silver hardware as well.
  5. I personally don't like antiqued hardware, I prefer shiny hardware.
    Gold and silver are so different, it's impossible to pick one over the other. They work well with certain colors; gold dresses up an item more than silver (more casual to me).

    I didn't get a Black Blake at the beginning of this year because I didn't like its contrast stitching (white on black). After seeing Resort 06's Black Blake (black on black), I realized that some contrast is actually nicer.

    Many MJ boutiques still have zip clutches (older colors)with silver hardware, these styles don't get marked down (ie. still full price). If there's a color you are interested in, I suggest calling a local MJ store.

  6. I actually like the hold hardware. As gracefeng said, it gives a sense of elegance to the styles.
  7. Thanks BagLover - you always know. :smile:

    I guess I never thought about the silver being more casual. I can definitely see that, but I never wear gold jewelry so that's probably why I prefer the silver.

    I do adore the antiqued gold on the LE Stellas - that looks stunning.

  8. :yes:
  9. i kinda do, i agree tho...that certain colors look better with silver hardware. i think it'd be weird if my berry Stella came with gold hardware. Something about it the combo is just off. i hope they bring it back.
  10. I love silver hardware....
    I only don't wear any yellow metals at all and get all hung up matching my hardware to jewellry.
  11. I too am a silver fan, but then the quilted Venetia bag came out and I couldn't resist because I loved the quilting so much. But, it is the only bag that I have with antiqued gold.
  12. I'm gonna have to put my vote with the silver lovers...
    The hardware of MJ is so bold, and makes such a statement that sometimes the gold hardware has a somewhat "big pimpin'" vibe. Now, this is strictly IMO and...I do have to say...that I am seriously digging the cocoa MP with gold hardware. I simply prefer silver most of the time. :supacool:
  13. I like the 'burnished gold' that looks more like bronze - the original Stella's, etc - but I don't like the blingy, shiny gold.

    I have bags with brushed silver hardware and the shiny silver hardware - and with the silver, I prefer the shiny kind. Looks more 'mod.'
  14. Absolutely!!
  15. :blah: I really loathe gold hardware, shiny or burnished/antiqued. Silver is sharp and snappy, not gaudy ot blingy. I'm reluctantly on MJ hiatus until the gold is gone...