Does anyone else miss Sex and the City?

  1. Oh my gosh...I still can walk every episode like 50 times. My darling BF thinks I am crazy how I can just keep watching it over and over...

    In honor of me finally finding my manolo's-the famous Carrie stolen shoe, I watched "A Women's Right to Shoes"

    Will there ever be a shoe as wittily written or honest? I could see myself in every one of those characters. I think that is what made me love it so much.

    What was your favorite Episode? And did it influence your fashion?
  2. Yes! A lot.

    It did not affect my fashion.

    I like so many episodes... I can't really point out one
  3. I miss the show dearly. I don't have HBO, so I never watched the show when it was on air. I have the complete collection on DVD though, and can't get enough. :love: I've seen every episode at least 3 times, and most of them 5+ times.

    I agree, I see parts of each character in myself. The show didn't influence my fashion though.

    My favorite episode is also "A Woman's Right To Shoes."
  4. Loved the show and miss it a lot.
  5. I miss the show SOOOOO much!!! I own it on DVD and watch it A LOT! My favorite episode is Carrie's birthday in Season 4 (when no one shows up at the restaurant and she gets to pay for her birthday cake). I LOVE it!!!!

    The show did affect my fashion. I take more risks now and LOVE shopping at thrift stores and finding great stuff!

    Thank you for posting about Sex and the City!!! The BEST show ever!
  6. I absolutely loved the show, and even bought all the DVDs and watched them as well. But I do feel like I have substituted Desperate Housewives and Ugly Betty at this point.

    Not to worry, the movie I understand will be done soon!
  7. Yup-thats one show I definitely miss-although I dont watch the reruns as much any more
  8. I miss it a lot:crybaby:

    I can't think of one episode that I loved over any others...they were ALL great !

    It really didn't affect my fashion at all......also during it's run I had a lot less $$$ than I do now -I mean I didn't have my BF:roflmfao: :p
  9. I have the DVD collection and I watch often. That was my favorite show ever...other than the Brady Bunch when I was a kid:love: . Wish they'd come back...SEx In The City... that is!
  10. I definitely miss it. I think they could have gotten another ten years out of it, at least, let's see the girls get old, debate whether they should all go get fish lips next weekend, Carrie grows up, Mr Big comes out, Miranda writes a best-seller, Skip discovers he is the next in line to an obscure earldom, Samantha and Vodka dude adopt triplets, Charlotte and Bald dude raise pot-bellied pigs...

    It was a great show, I can't say it affected my fashion, though Mr Puff and I both thoroughly enjoyed sharing our opinions of the girls' fashion choices with them, though they never listened to us.
  11. Oh I miss it desperately....thank god for my DVD collection of the was the first and only show that not only introduced me, but got me so interested in "high fashion!" :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  12. Of course, I miss them everyday. The only happy news is that i heard on the view that they will be making a movie. Can't wait to see it!!!!!
  13. The same with me! I have all the DVD's, I watched them a few times and now I keep watching them all over again. I's funny, true-to-life, it makes my mood better if I'm sad, all in all my favourite TV show ever!
  14. My DH bought me the boxed set for Christmas a couple of years ago and I spent the first 3 months of 2006 working my way through - utter bliss. I missed a lot of the episodes when it was on TV here so being able to watch it again on DVD whenever I like is heaven.
    I really liked Aiden so those episodes were good but my favourite was probably the last - where Big finally realised Carrie was the one and only. Aah!
  15. I'm watching the DVD's as we speak!

    It would be nice if there was some more but you'd really have to think what it would be based on... plus I dont think the cast got on well with the variances in pay :/