Does anyone else miss Coach's shoulder totes?

  1. I've noticed that there haven't been many shoulder totes over the last year or so...I believe the last model was the signature stripe version last summer. Does anyone know if they've phased these out?

    I have this one...and I love it because this style has a single strap and it stands up on its own. I don't have to go digging for stuff!

    I also think that Coach is missing a huge market opportunity by not making more bags with this general shape (stands up, single strap) that has a zip closure. I think it would be a huge seller.

    What do you think?:tup::tdown:
  2. I do.. I have always wanted this bag.. A shoulder tote is what I have been trolling for on eBay!
  3. Yeah, I have this bag in khaki sig/chestnut. It is a great shape, floopy, holds a ton of stuff and stays on the shoulder. I wish they made more too! But mine has a dogleash closure so if they made it zip close like you said, that would be perfect!!!! :yahoo:

    I would also like some leather versions (they had pebbly parchment ones at the outlet...but I want more options, LOL)
  4. ITA!! I still haven't purchased a shoulder tote because I've been waiting for one that has a top-zip closure (perferably in all leather but I'd still like to see LOTS of options with this style). I hope they do come out with more options for this bag style.
  5. :tup::tup::tup::yes::yes::yes: Completely agree!
  6. from the pics of the new spring stuff coming out, it looked like the new blue scarf print will come in the shoulder tote and there was one other new bag that looked like a shoulder tote??/ can't think of what it was???
  7. I love the shoulder totes. I have one in the scarf print from last year and it is one of my favorite bags. I am watching a chocolate brown one on eBay that a girl has in one of my classes that I am IN love with. I don't mind the dogleash closure. I miss these bags!
  8. Isn't there a new bag just as you described in the new signature stripe line that has been talked about here in the past few days??
  9. If it's the one I think you are talking about, it's pretty small.
  10. this one below and the new blue/tan scarf print was pictured in this style bag as well. I'll try and find the pic.....
  11. Yes this is one of my pet peeves about their recent models that are coming out lately and no shoulder totes. I love the legacy double/front pocket shoulder tote and would LOVE one in Whiskey. So much that I am thinking of buying this linea Pelle Piper Tote[​IMG]
  12. here's another new one in the shoulder tote..the new Spring patchwork...[​IMG]
  13. here's the new scarf print in the shoulder tote....[​IMG]

    So..thats 3 new shoulder totes coming out this Spring..:shrugs:
  14. But if they are all the size of the signature shoulder totes(the first one you pictured), they are small-ish :sad:
  15. My SA mentioned to me several months ago that Coach will not produce anymore shoulder totes, and that the Carly has replaced this model since the features are similar (and improved upon)!