Does anyone else love VERNIS?????

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  1. I love Vernis! It's my favorite collection.
    I'll post a pic later but my collection
    1. Bedford Fuschia :yahoo:
    2. Violet Bellevue, sarah wallet and pochette cles
    3. Framboise Houston
    4. Amarante Rosewood and coin heart :tup:
    5. Pomme d'amour heart
    6. Rose Pop heart
    sorry I love those hearts!!! :wlae:

    Anyone else loves vernis????
  2. yup~
    And I am planning to get my first vernis piece soon, a french wallet probably =) in rose pop.
    It is so gorgeous~~~~ can't wait to get it!
  3. I love my Pomme Alma:heart::heart: I want a Pommme sunset blvd too, sooo yep right after Damier its my fav'
  4. I love vernis, maybe It's my favourite line!
  5. Yes I do. I've Rodeo Drive in amarante & Summit Drive is on my wish list.
  6. I don't own any vernis at the moment but plan to change that very soon. I love the bright colors of the current vernis collection....especially Rose Pop and Pomme.
  7. I love the vernis collection. I dont own any bags.I have never been able to find the right style bag for me, so I only have the cles and cosmetic case in pomme. Finally, they came out with the new wilshire in pomme and I have it on order!!!!
  8. Vernis is the prettiest line but I only have 3 pieces so far as I am paranoid after reading about all the color transfer issues on here.

    I currently have:
    Reade in Pomme
    Spring Street in Silver
    Christie PM in Yellow

    The Roxbury in Amarante is on my wishlist.
  9. fave.....just got small zippy and cosmetic's case in pomme...keep looking at them....l need to get a life me thinks lol :smile:
  10. Yes, Vernis is my favorite line!
  11. yes esp. in the accessories!
  12. Love vernis!
    I only have 2 pieces Reade PM in Pomme and Amarante cles. I hope they bring out new bags in vernis!
  13. Yes yes yes, I sooooo love Vernis and so far have:

    Pomme Roxbury
    Pomme heart.
    Pomme agenda
    Pomme ludlow
    Amarante sunset
    Amarantle key holder.

    Also loving Epi at the min got my first piece at Xmas.
  14. I don't own any but the Sarah wallet in Rose pop has caught my eye. :yes::tup:
  15. I love vernis as well. Right now I have an amarante cles and a pomme d'amour agenda. I just ordered the amarante cosmetic case and it should arrive in a few days. I think my next piece will be a vernis wallet, most likely in pomme.