Does anyone else love Kate Spade CLOTHING?

  1. I know we have a lot of Kate Spade bag lovers on the forum, but do we have any Kate Spade clothing lovers? Post favorites from your wardrobe, or what you are lusting after here!
  2. I really like her clothing. I have two of her dresses and just ordered a third one yesterday.
  3. I realize I'm bumping a very old thread but I got a Kate Spade dress via NM midday dash last week!


    I'm so excited bc I love the vibrant colors! It should be here tomorrow! :smile:

    There have been quite a few of her dresses popping up in the dash lately!
  4. I am lusting after several current items. The black jeans, signature jacket in green, the navy plaid jacket . . .
  5. I find the clothes tend to use really vibrant colors...which i love!
  6. I bought a dress back before Christmas because it was cute & on sale. I felt t was worth the sale price of $150 but not the $300+ it was originally.

    I love the bright colors as well.
  7. I love Kate Spade clothes. Some of them are just so sweet! My husband thinks they look a bit childish though, so I haven't got any items yet.
  8. It makes me so sad that Kate Spade clothing isn't getting much love on this forum! I thought I would add some "life" to this thread by contributing a photo of me in my Kate Spade Jillian dress. I would love to see photos of other Kate Spade clothing lovers too!
  9. I think that, in general, the colors and patterns are cute, but many of the styles are very little girlish. Not that everything I wear needs to be sexy, but I don't want to look like a 12 year-old girl either...
    With that said, I have a really cute bright pink Kate Spade tweed blazer. I get lots of compliments on it when I wear it.
  10. I love her clothes but I find that they are slightly out of my budget. But, if I could I would!!!
  11. love the stuff. it's always so bright and cheery! I love KS jewelry too, even if some of the pieces are comically large.
  12. Your dress looks amazing -- its perfect for summer!! :smile:

    I really like the way KS clothes look online, but I've never actually tried them in person... How do they fit? (compared to say, JCrew?) I keep meaning to try a piece or two from her collection, but the prices seem a bit high, and then my size always sell out ASAP whenever anything goes on sale... :sad:
  13. The sizing seems pretty TTS, but some of the tops/dresses run too tight in the bust for me (I can end up with gaps/pulling on the buttons).
  14. I love the designs and would buy them if they offered them with longer hems. I like all my dresses to hit at the knee or just below, and Kate Spade dresses all look too short.
  15. I love kate spade clothing but don't think it's available here in Australia?? I just can't being myself to order clothes online.