does anyone else love donald pliner?

  1. i just love donald pliner. recently, i found this bag and just had to get it!
  2. I love the shoes!
  3. me 2
  4. I'm a big fan of his shoes because of the emphasis on comfort and style. I'm not really familiar with his bags but I like the one in the link.
  5. I like his shoes, but I am also not familiar with his bags.
  6. yes! i'm a big fan of his in terms of shoes. i remember when i bought my first pair at 17. i didn't even know about the brand but went into Saks, tried them on and they were so comfy! i've been a fan ever since. i never even knew he made bags. thanks for the link:yes:
  7. I got my picture taken with him a few years ago when he was doing a promotion at Nordstroms. Bought a pair of his shoes too. Some of his bags are really cute, but I've never seen them IRL.
  8. I love Pliner bags. I think he and Biasia are overlooked and under rated.

    Or...maybe they just don't send enough free stuff to celebrities.:Push:
  9. The footwear is too conservative for me- never seen the bags though. He has way too many outlets.
  10. I agree!...I had/have bags by both designers, excellent quality and workmanship. DPliner shoes, love them!....his designs range from sexy sandals to contemporary wedges to comfortable loafers.
    Great choice!
    I just ordered these DPliners shoes too!
    NMX7886_mn.jpg NMX9095_mn.jpg
  11. Another fan of his shoes. Very comfortable and stylish (though there are some that are quite ugly)
  12. I found one of his handbags on clearance at TJ Maxx and I'm so glad I bought it. It's a super cute tweed bag in different shades of purple. I always get tons of compliments when I use it. I would definitely buy more of his bags.
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