Does anyone else here obsessively buy makeup?

  1. In the last week I have ordered the new Bare Escentuals "Go Bare on Board" kit, the new BE "lippies" duo (they are only sold as the set), a Vincent Longo lipstick and Benefit's concealer and Dandelion blush/highlighter! And I already have a ton of makeup! My neighbor dared me (around March) to go six weeks without buying any cosmetic items, which I did...eventually...but for some reason this week I needed something new to play with!

    Oh yeah, I forgot...I also ordered two glosses and a lipstick from MAC! :shame:
  2. I'm out of control when it comes to cosmetics too! I bought the large makeup organizer from Sephora awhile back. It's like a piece of luggage! It probably is meant for makeup artists, but I had no problem filling that baby up!
  3. ET, is that a travel kit? If so, I soooo need that.

    Not is a kit of basically "fresh faced" items...but quite easy to travel with, esp with the retractable brush. There is also a lovely pink gloss that is not in that photo. I am a "kit" junkie!

    I have the Stila train case (full), the Bobbi Brown train case (full), the Bobbi Brown case that came with the Tuxedo pink kit (, and that is not even touching the glass containers, the refillable compacts, and about three drawers full of stuff!
  5. I have tons and tons of makeup!! I think the makeup i have now would last me 5 yrs or more!! but as usual I would always go and buy some be fair I do end up giving my friends some of the makeup thats new and hasn't been used!!!
  6. I buy it for my family, too! I have now gotten my friend, my mom, and one of my sisters hooked on BE and I usually give my sister a Smashbox makeup kit for at least one holiday per year since she is in college and would not spend the money on it herself.
  7. well my friend, you belong on you will find hundrends just like or worse than you :smile:
  8. The site sounds good, but wow what a horrible layout.
    Or maybe I'm just lost when it comes to make-up :shame:
  9. Guilty :ninja:
    Even though I already have hundreds of products, I always find something that I must have.
    My big weakness is MAC. I can never ever leave the store without spending at least 50 euros on things I don't really need:shame:
  10. I am forever searching for that perfect shade of red lipgloss or lipstick. I have tons of makeup that just sits in my bathroom cause I buy it then don't like it. I even have some in a box in my bedroom. It's like I can't stop myself from buying whatever new thing comes out!
  11. ^^I know what you mean!!
    As for me, I buy them and then I still like them but then I always have something new that I want to use!!
    And then I swear that I won't buy anything new..
    what can I many makeup products, so little time..
  12. Yes, it's my other addiction, high end cosmetics...ouch! :hrmm:
  13. Anytime they have the "free" giveaways, I am such a sucker for only a few brands. Ugh. I am trying to stop. I have so many samples, but it has been a good thing. I have found many items that I enjoy and end up buying after I've sampled them.
  14. I didn't used to.... I haven't bought or used in any years.... All of a sudden, I'm addicted to Bare Escentuals... I bought the main kit, and I now have at least a dozen eye shadows. They are sooo much fun. I like their lipsticks and lipglosses too. :yes:
  15. you will :love: :love: :love: the dandelion powder. i use it every single day.

    i am a makeup junkie, but since my tastes in clothes and accessories have become more expensive, my budget requires me to make choices. lately i've found myself buying less and less of it. probably helped that i did a deep clean of my stash about six months ago and found unopened bottles and unused/lightly used cosmetics that totalled over 300 dollars (conservative estimate). i really only use the same four things, the rest was just for playing or bought for a specific now i only let myself replace my staples. my bathroom is way less cluttered and hubby is happy, but it is SO hard...especially when cute new pallets or pretty perfumes come out. :\

    sephora is my mecca. :smile: