Does anyone else here miss the MarketPlace?

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  1. I do. It was nice to see what other had to sell and what others wanted. Can we bring it back but only if there was an ebay listing and things go through the ebay/paypal thing? Like for instance, I have a few bags that I want to sell and I want the girls here to have first dibs on them. Bring marketplace backl Please.
  2. I'm not going to lie, I miss it a lot too
  3. I cannot say I miss it - I never had a chance to use it.......but it would be nice to try and sell bags to people I know who will treasure them....
  4. I miss it... and sometimes I find myself still looking for it in the forums and then realizing that it's gone....but at this point, it's really not up to us, but what the Mods feel they want to handle. It was a strain on them, and I'd rather do without the MP if it would make their lives easier.
  5. I miss it terribly. I have a gucci bag and a wallet that I need to sell. I still scroll down and search for it sometimes.
  6. i miss it lots too :cry:.
  7. i miss it a lot... but we can just wait I guess and see what happens next...
  8. I really miss it even though I never bought or sold anything. It was just fun to see what other people wanted to sell and well it's nice to help out other people who were looking for stuff.
  9. I miss it too :sad: I had fun seeing what other people had up for grabs and how happy and excited people were to receive their was really cute :smile:
  10. i miss it too.. felt so much better buying off PF members. why dont we have a section where ppl list thier ebay auctions. then if ppl decide to sell offline its up to them and the purse forum has nothing to do with it>?
  11. Vlad and Megs...we miss the marketplace. I actually sold my first and last b-bag here to a fellow PF member. Bring it back!!
  12. i miss it too...
  13. I miss it...I met two very sweet girls in person through the MP, and made friends with countless others.
  14. i guess i miss it.... but my wallet is still trying to recover!!!!
  15. I miss it too, but it's probably best if my wallet recovers before more bags are had :biggrin:
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