Does anyone else here have a personal trainer

  1. I'm looking in to hiring one for 3 days a week. Opinions?
  2. I had one on to occasions: in 2006 I hired a trainer to help movitate me and teach me some new excercises. I specifially said weights (I wan;t ino bodybuilding back then, just waned to use machines.) and she put me on cirucuits and mat work every session. I thought we'd get there eventually but ewe never did weights I cancelled in the end.

    May this year, I hired someone at another gym specifically for compound lifiting. he knew my goal was eright loss and he would have had me do other things first. But I inisted (a few times, lol!) and I had to insiste a bit more that I wanted to lift heavey. However, he still taught me and even after I fired him, I hds a kick-ass program, that I've recently split.

    So the point of what I'm saying? :p You can learn a lot from a good trainer but make sure they're training you according to your goals
  3. My friend is my personal trainer. He does it for free because I've helped him through a lot. The thing with a personal trainer is they keep you on your toes. If I didn't have him, I'd be slacking off a lot through my workouts. I would highly recommend one.
  4. Same with me. He goes to the gym with me and helps me through my workout. It keeps me motivated.
  5. I have one I go to once a week. If I didn't have him I wouldn't go. He makes me work out with a lot of weight in a very intense way and they says that's all I should do per week at that intensity for maximum benefit. Works for me because i don't like to work out.

    I used to have one three days a week and I was getting fatter. Go figure.
  6. I used to have one three times per week and can't give anything but praise for what he did for me. If you get one who is really good then you will get so much more out of your workouts and overcome the "I can't do it" phase. Ask around your gyms and try more than one out to see if they will a- listen to what you want and b- focus on your goals and push you to your limit
  7. I worked with one for 6 months and she was a killer. I do agree with working hard but she pushed me far past my limits all the time and didn't seem to take into account my current fitness level and push me according to what I was capable of.

    I dreaded going and eventually stopped.
  8. I do, I see him twice a week. I was always sort of skeptical about it, thought it was a waste of money because I'm pretty fitness-savy on my own and didn't think they'd have much effect on me.

    Now I LOVE it. I spend way too much money on him and I wouldn't have it any other way. He kicks my butt like I could never do on my own, with a creativity in exercises that keeps me interested and on my toes at all times.

    It also really helps me to have the commitment. We train at 7am and since I'm his first client of the day, I'd never imagine making someone wake up at 6am and then not show on them. I never have a problem getting out of bed on personal training mornings.

    That said, the first person I saw at my gym was horrible, she barely challenged me. Then I started taking a circuit class with my current trainer, and when his class got cancelled I had to find a way to keep working with him.
  9. Well there seems to be a mixed bag of opinions here but I got something out of everyone of the them so thank you. I have about 75lbs to lose ( lost 25lbs on my own) I am looking to go to a personal training gym i.e a gym where its just you and your trainer and no public and then supplement with workouts at the gym I never go to.
  10. I really think the decision to hire a personal trainer or not is a financial one. If you can afford it, it can't hurt to start working with one. If you don't like them or don't find the workouts beneficial, stop.

    There is a woman I see who hires a trainer just to walk around the neighborhood with her. Seems like a ridiculous waste of money, but if she needs that commitment and motivation to get herself out of the house and active, I think it's awesome that she does it.
  11. The way I figure it the x amount of money I'm going to spend I would have spent on stuff to hide the fact that I'm fat like makeup hair nails and bags.
  12. yep and highly recommend it:yes: Are you a member of a gym now?
  13. I belong to a YMCA one of the newer and more high tech ones. I've had a few personal training sessions there as you get some free when you join but they were soft and not that helpful.
  14. I don't have one, but I think one-on-one sessions are the best way to get the most out of your workout.

    I did take private Pilates lessons and there was no comparison to that kind of instruction and a group class.

    Good for you! Enjoy!
  15. I love my personal trainer. I didnt use her often (because i couldnt afford it) but she would set up a routine and go over with me for a few days...then when it wasnt tough any more she would show me a different routine. I found it helpful because I was afraid I was waisting my time at the gym doing excersices I didnt know how to do or if they were even appropriate for weight loss