Does anyone else here DISlike LV?

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  1. At the risk of being lynch-mobbed,I am amazed to see so many stylish women liking LV bags. I have never seen one I liked...never seen one that didn't make me gag. In pictures or otherwise.

    I really don't get the all...I hate the monograms,cherries,graffiti,multicoloured monograms,denim bags...etc etc etc,with sooooo many fakes around I usually assume that any LV bag I see is a fake.

    I know...I'm prejudiced and I discriminate against LV bags....I thought I should come clear on this front before continuing as a member here:wacko: .
  2. i used to hate them too, but they grew on me slowly, and i'm now the proud owner of two.
  3. I don't dislike LV...I admire them more on other people, than on me. I only have 3 LV things - a pochette, Speedy, and agenda. The only thing I see myself buying would be another Speedy, but other than that, not as huge a fan as other people on the forum. They are really great classic bags.
  4. That's fine. But I challenge you to purchase just one bag (not accessory) and tell me that you don't love it.
  5. ...i guess the "pc" thing to say would be to each her (his) own.

    there's more to LV than mono (or its derivative). so maybe you just haven't seen/studied lv enough to appreciate the other lines that are made (damier, damier geant, epi, antigua).
  6. I'm not a huge fan either, but I am LOVING my Batignolles.
    The few things I love about LV are the timelessness and extreme durability of the monogram canvas lines. I also think some of the designs are really good although I don't love the multicolor.
  7. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

    I don't care for the Vernis, multi color, denim...and so many of the LV lines, but I do love certain bags and accessories from the Monogram, Damier and Epi collections.

    While LV certainly promotes a warm-and-fuzzy history of their company, I like the fact that there IS a history to talk about. They're not just someone that popped up to make a lot of money off an average product that they want to sell at luxury prices. They've been around for ages, and the bags wear like iron. It's one of the few companies I can think of that produces a "luxury" item that will truly last. When you like a bag, and you use it, you'll REALLY use it, and it then becomes cheaper than the cheapo bags.

    Now if someone wants to assume it's a fake, that's up to them. Their opinion couldn't matter less to me because "I" know it's the real deal. So will anyone else that knows the line.
  8. I personally love the bags and all the history that comes with Louis Vuitton. I am carrying a Duomo Damier today and it is like having a piece of history on my arm. My Damier pattern was made in the 1880's....timeless. Did you know that LV was the first designer to make soft luggage otherwise known as the duffel bag. Did you know that LV was the first to develop tumbler locks...and the first non pickable lock in his luggage. LV is chic and classic. Timeless.
  9. Ok I wasn't expecting too many people to agree with me...but to clarify,I meant to have a discussion on tastes and in particular what the attraction of these bags is,and not to slate anyone. Of course people can carry what they like. I do.

    I'm just trying to understand.I have actually read articles about the history of the house,etc,especially with all of the birthday celebrations going on.

    So thanks to the ladies who are explaining :amuse: .
  10. I have to admit until a few years ago I agreed with you. I didn't see what the hype was about. That all changed with my first bag--the Mono Speedy! I think if you tried one-- you would really like it!!
  11. I didn't like LV until I saw the Vernis line. The mono line grew on me and I can't remember why I didn't like it at all now!
  12. Personally, I never cared either way about LV just a few months ago...I certainly wouldn't have turned one down if one had been handed to me. However, I wasn't willing to spend the bucks! Now that I am more educated on LV (thanks to all of you!) I am planning on buying my first Mono Speedy in just a few weeks! I've been lured in!
  13. I pretty much only like the plain traditional mono and even then, only like these styles: cabas piano, vavin PM, manhattan PM, viva cite MM, papillon and pochette accessories. I adore the cherry blossom line but would only want a piece in the cles so I could spiff up my plain monos.

  14. eeeeek...I think I should leave in a hurry before you ladies get me to do things I'll regret:lol: . I'm always very pleased when I don't like a bag/pair of shoes/clothing,because that means that I don't HAVE to have it:P . I'm a terrible shopaholic!!
    I enjoy looking at all of your collections though.
  15. I didn't like Lv for a long time. However I now like the epi collection (I just bought SuLi epi speedy!) and I think the vernis line is kind of cute for summer and young girls,
    I don't really like the mono line and I clearly dislike some other lines: cerise, graffiti...(when I first saw them I seriously thought it was a joke from LV!!! :smile:
    The mono line is clearly a traditional line but it looks "old" to me(when I was a kid...LV was still prestigious but not as fashionable as now at least in France where I grew up!)
    However, I recognize the quality of these bags just no monogram for me (in any brand)