Does anyone else here adore Frida as much as i do? :)

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  1. hey girls,

    i know tom ford has a lot of fans here but i was just wondering if anyone here adores frida giannini as much as i.. i think she is so classy and precious and has made me identify myself more with gucci. i've begun to love gucci more than lv (although i also still love lv) simply because of how unique, eye-catching and refreshing a lot of the collections has become. A lot of the pieces have different characters and somehow it makes me want to have them all to match my dress up moods.

    here are some of her quotes about gucci that i find inspiring.

    From a spring/summer 06 article:

    “The most important message that I wanted to give with this ad campaign was optimism. I wanted the new Gucci woman to express this through light, color and a new way of being real and natural," said Giannini in a recent interview. "It's younger and fresher, while still the confident sexy Gucci girl you know."

    From time magazine article

    Giannini's personality is already finding its way into the label's image. "The Gucci woman enjoys life, is successful in her job and leaves a lasting impression every time she walks into a room," she says, just as easily describing herself.

    On being compared with Tom Ford: "He is a Texan Man, I am a Roman woman. Yes, there will be some difference."

    other quotes, im not sure where she said them but found them online:

    “Sexiness is in Gucci's DNA but maybe I interpret it differently, being a woman and dressing women of my generation.”

    “I have worked very hard, slept very little, and now we shall see.”

    Ok, time to go back to my books...
  2. I think she's doing a fantastic job, maybe a little too good for my wallet :Push: