Does anyone else have trouble finding shoes that fit well and


Dec 28, 2006
that are comfortable?

I like shoes as much as the next girl, but I always have trouble finding them. I own nice shoes but I dont' have a huge collection b/c I have trouble with them. How long does it take you to break them in? Any tricks that you have?

I don't have a problem finding styles that I like. Finding styles that fit perfectly is my problem!


Let's get some shoes
May 10, 2007
I hear ya! I have wide feet and it's difficult to find styles that fit me nicely. The dressier the shoe, the narrower they make them. I don't understand why but that is almost always the case. Because I have so many shoes, I don't wear the same pair a lot and hence I don't really "break the in". There are shoes I can wear for long periods of time and actually walk comfortably in them. Others are OK for short periods of time and not much walking (these require sitting every now and then) and then there is the kind that is I wear strickly on a no walking bases, you know, home to car, car to restaurant (whatever) then back to car and home. Those are usually not very comfortable but impossibly gorgeous.

IMO, no shoe will ever be 100% comfortable. You just have to find an acceptable level of "uncomfort" for you and go with that. All shoes, even sneakers, will be uncomfortable after extended periods of time.

As for fitting, it IS difficult to find a style that fits my wide foot without being too long.

Just my 2 cents.



May 16, 2006
Bavaria, Germany

I have extra trouble finding nice shoes that fit since I have a wide foot. It's horrible :sad: I haaaaaate going shoe shopping. Shoe shopping is almost as bad as pants shopping for me (Big butt and thighs, small waist).
Dec 29, 2006
I have wide feet with skinny heels. I either cramp my toes sideways or have the backs flipping off my feet. I have to buy flats a size small so they stay on, but I try to wear shoes with actual laces or buckles.


so you Kelly?
Nov 22, 2006
me. I have small feet, size 4M according to Cinderalla of Boston. I wear children size 3 shoes. :sad:


May 24, 2007
Good shoes that fit right are almost impossible to find. I have narrow feet--rather annoying trying to find shoes because while narrow shoes are made almost no stores actually carry them. Before I figured out that I had narrow feet I bought normal width shoes and hated them because they were unbearably uncomfortable and gave me blisters. Prehaps some of your difficulties might be solved by getting your feet measured and maybe you need another size.
Jan 25, 2006
I have very flat feet no arch at all, most shoes fit a bit too tight because of this. So what I do is stuff a pair or two of DHs sweat socks in them to stretch them a bit, or walk around the house in them for as long as I can to try and stretch them. My feet are so weird I bought 3 pairs of shoes yesterday walked around the store in one pair and they felt fine so I bought them. I wanted to wear them today, so I put them on this morning and they were so tight I had to take them off *sigh*


Feb 12, 2007
I have a problem with sizes, but a bit peculiar one: my other foot is one size smaller than the other :wtf:

I will never have a pair of shoes that fit perfectly, my left foot will always have a too big shoe :cursing: In the summer time this problem bothers me even more cause it's visible to others when I were sandals etc. But so far nobody has noticed it or at least didn't mention it to me :lol: