Does anyone else have trouble accessing Linea Pelle website?

  1. Hi. Everytime I try to get into the LP website, I get a message regarding their security info and half the time, I just have to get out by contol, alt, delete (doomsday combo!). Does anyone else have this problem with that site or can offer any solution? It is VERY frustrating!!! Thanks for your input!:confused1::wtf::confused1:
  2. cg, what message do you get exactly? I use Firefox, and it loads OK - it is very heavy on the Flash and Java - maybe if you added it as a Trusted Site in Internet Explorer?
  3. hmmm....I usually go through AOL. Do you think that is the problem?
  4. That may be it, cg. Once you start AOL, minimize it, and open Internet Explorer. See what happens -.
  5. INDIA: YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Why didn't I ask sooner??? This has been driving me crazy for so long. Again, THANK YOU!!!:tup::yahoo:
  6. You are very welcome! AOL causes problems for a number of web sites and services - so my first thought when learning someone has AOL is to get the connection, and then use IE. Glad it solved your problem! Now you can lust freely for LP, as I have been doing!
  7. :drool: