Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. When ever i buy i purse i want it to be unique, different, rare, and sometime classic. I just recently bought the lv batginolle horizontal and in the past few days i've seen soo many people with it. I know its LV and if i love it i should keep it blah blah blah but it really bothers me when i spend that kinda money on a purse and everyone left and right has it. should i return it for that reason? i like the purse but truth is i can probably live without it. I have such bad buyers remorse.......
  2. I believe you just answered your question. :biggrin:
  3. i hate that too...I HATE SEEING people with my bags ( i bought the whole line of multicolor when it first came out thinking it was limited)....NO IM SO CHOKED i haven't even looked at l.v since......starting to slowly come back but iwas sooo upset...but if you love your bag.....keep it...its all you..and nobodys else
  4. I guess I don't get how people can be pissed about seeing other people with "their" bags... I dunno, maybe start your own line, then?
  5. Ditto!!
  6. I completly understand! Last year I bought a ring style hobo before the girl on Laguna beach of the OC or w/e had one & I loved it because it wasnt expensive & help all my stuff. Then suddenly MTV came out w/ thier show & the bag is litterally EVERYWHERE. And although it may sound extreme, I have never used it since.
  7. It's not really about being pissed off, I just personally don't like to wear things that everyone else has. Personal preference I've always had (maybe bc i'm an art major...they tell us we are weird about stuff like that!) But honestly, if you love the bag & dont mind then keep it! Nothing is better than having a bag you've been wanting!
  8. I wouldn't be upset if once in awhile i see a girl with my purse but 3 times in oneday is a little extream for me......
  9. Moe, that bag is too much money not to be 100% happy with for any reason. Go exchange it and let us know what you got instead! :idea:
  10. Other people have big notes to spend too! Personally I wouldn't take it back for that reason but you seem very unhappy about it, so in your case you better take it back!
  11. uh, oh. hate to say it but you have already decided. anytime you get byers remorse....take it back. you will not truly enjoy it.