Does anyone else have this problem with their wallet?

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  1. A few weeks ago I bought a lambskin classic wallet - the large one. However, it does not fit properly in my med/large classic flap once I have keys and phone in there and I feel as though I am stretching my bag to fit them all in - I can only just get it to close. When I go shopping it feels like a big chore to get out my wallet as I know I have to mess about putting it back in my bag again. When I first bought the wallet I didn't notice the problem as I was using it in my Bayswater which is obviously a huge bag as my classic flap was being repaired. My flap is the bag I use all the time and this problem is really annoying me. Anyone else have the same problem? Starting to wish I'd stuck with the smaller wallet that I originally purchased although its too late now. Anyone got any tips as I'm starting to feel sick that I spent all that money on a wallet?
  2. Yeah, long wallet takes a lot of room in a medium. Maybe you should think about selling the wallet and use a compact size wallet? Or even a card case. (and a coin purse too since I see you are in UK) Or you could go up a size and opt for a jumbo? Even an east west (I think they call it baguette size in Europe) fits more than a medium since it doesn't have an inner flap.
  3. I am aware medium has this problem. But I use jumbo only so I can use Chanel's long wallets.
  4. ^ Me too, I only buy Jumbos since I use the LV Sarah which is a long wallet. Or you could get a second compact wallet for your Medium?
  5. I was so stupid to return the smaller wallet just becaue I loved how pretty the longer wallet looked. I think I will have to try and sell my wallet and buy a smaller version. What a pain! Thanks for your comments, ladies. x
  6. This is why I sold my long chanel wallet. The only bags that it would fit comfortably were my totes and my baby cabas.
  7. I really can't even use my medium for daily use.

    I don't feel like I carry a lot, but it takes time positioning everything correctly so I can get it all in. (I do have a long wallet, but not Chanel) If I am in a hurry and take something out I am always annoyed when I have to rearrange to fit things back the way they were.

    I always use my jumbos for daily use and save the medium for nights or travel when I am not going to carry a lot.
  8. I love my medium so would not like to change my flap... so the wallet must go. I feel a little sick because I have had it for about 6 weeks only and not even used it properly and I am bound to lose money on it. long had you had your wallet before you sold it?
  9. You could consider keeping the wallet and use it in your other purses and consider getting a credit card holder for your medium.
  10. ^^That's an idea worth considering. Does the credit card holder fit coins as well?
  11. I only used it for maybe a week and a half total. One week when I went to Miami two summers ago and rarely for the remaining days. I used it only for my baby silver Coco Cabas. So I sold it recently to some lucky buyer as it wasn't doing me any good.

    As for the credit card holder, you could fit coins in it, but then they'd fall out. There is another card holder and this one has a snap. I use it for my business cards. I'll have to excavate my closet to find that one. When I do get it, I'll post a picture for you.

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  12. I had the same issue so I use the short/compact with the M/L flap and use the long wallet with my tote bag.
  13. I have just sold my longer wallet but lost £100 on it. It just wasn't selling so I had to take what was offered. Not good as I had used it only a few times and it was in perfect condition. Malinda - did you lose money when you sold your wallet or did you get all your money back? At least it will cover the cost of the smaller wallet. So sad to see it go though. It was so pretty but I just can't afford to have two expensive wallets.
  14. i intended to buy new small wallet for my new medium bag
  15. you can either keep the long wallet for bigger bags or sell it if you think you are not going to use it that often. personally, i would be worried with a lambskin wallet since it would be sitting in my bag with keys, etc...i don't know about chanel, but LV has great smaller wallets with coin holders that would fit better