Does anyone else have this problem with speedy lock tab dent??

  1. I'll state the question first in case people dont want to read this long long post...
    Does anyeone else notice this diference between the azur and mono speedies with regard to the lock denting the tab?? Which speedy do you have and does it "dent"?

    I like prefer the look of the Speedy with the lock attached, so when I got mine, I couldnt wait to put it on. But after a day with the lock on, it dented the tab. It felt "tight" (for lack of a better word, i dont know how else to explain it). Of course I was concerned as it was a brand new speedy with a dent on the tab already and if it dented in one day what would happen if I had the it on for years? The side of the lock was digging into the tab. I never saw any other bags witht he same issue but since I had already had 3 speedies (another long story) and they ALL did that within a day... as much as I didnt like it, I accepted it as "normal" and simply took the lock off and kept it off as I didnt want to further damage the tab.

    Well yesterday I've recieved a used azur speedy with the lock already attached. I couldnt help my curiosity and inspected it and noticed this...

    The tabs on the azur are much thinner!

    A closer inspection, and the material is also different, on my mono, the tab is thicker and a softer more cushiony leather (see the wrinkles, keep in mind that aside from todays experiement, i only had the tab on for one day for about 1 hour) while on the azur it is thin and very tough, not cushiony at all. It looks liek it could really take a beating and still look new (the azur bag has been carried also and it was probably carried with the lock on).

    Here they are with the locks on...

    The lock on the mono is really "tight" and the lock edge seems to push up on the tab as if every second it is attached it is digging into the tab while ont he azur, the tab just rests on it very comfortably and has room to move around freely.

    Not jsut with this, but overall the azur seems to be better made than the speedy with respect to everythign else.
  2. it does that on my mono speedy too but i don't really mind
  3. It does that to my mono speedy too. I got used to it...
  4. can't say it bothers me.
  5. Yes, my mono speedy has the lock dent. :graucho: I just became used to it, and it does not bother me.
  6. my mono speedy does the same
  7. I guess mine does too but that is something that doesn't bother me.
  8. It does that on both my mono and epi speedy. I think it's natural. There's really nothing you can do to prevent it.
  9. My lock fits "tightly" on my mono speedy as well and also dented the tab. I don't mind it (even though I am a perfectonist) b/c I think of it as an essential part of the speedys personality. I think it looks wonderful! Congrats on your new azur!!
  10. it's fine... enjoy your bag.
  11. I don't have a mono speedy but my azur speedy does that. It use to bother me at first, but I just look at it as normal wear now.
  12. that happened on my mono speedy. it didnt bother me at first but now the tabs getting dirty off it and it anoys me
  13. It did it to my speedy 30 too. I dont think there is anyway to avoid it :sad: My dent is visible from the top though not the bottom
  14. I'm not nearly as particular, anything that happens to my bag thru normal living seems to me to be a sign of enjoyment, kind of like the character lines a face gets as we live.
  15. my dent is visible from the top, too. i liked the way my bag looked with the lock but i was bothered by the dent so i took the lock off... but since everybody has the same problem, i'm kinda thinking i'll put the lock back on...:heart::yes: