Does anyone else have this Carly?

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    pic borrowed from eBay

    I have been using mine for about a month and it just gets dirty too easily! I'm tired of worrying about where I put it down or that it will rub on my jeans. I went to a restaurant the other day and we sat near this large family with rowdy boys and I kept thinking "What if he spills his soda on my Carly!" How lame is that? :rolleyes: I want to sell it because I want a new fall bag but there are a few darker spots, not really stains just where my clothing has rubbed, I guess. Has anyone cleaned theirs successfully?
  2. I have this carly and I can relate to the stains! I have some light spots from my denim jeans. I asked an SA at coach and they told me to use a little woolite with damp cloth or possibly some baby wipes... I haven't tried either of these yet.

    Someone else will probably have a better answer for you :p

    Good Luck!
  3. I sold mine after a month. The leather handle kept transferring onto the bag and it was SO hard to keep clean. It was hard to let it go, though...
  4. I don't have a carly but i do have the scribble large tote from this year, and mine was horrendously disgusting and like brown- well it wasn't that bad but still- gross
    so i out it right in the bathtub with about two inches of water and a couple capfulls of woolite and saturated it-i scrubbed it with my hand- but i think a magic eraser would have helped alot (but i didn't have one) but anyway i rinsed it all out,and squeezed out some water and rolled up a towel inside it and then wrapped one on the outside and let it dry- then next day i took the towel out and let the inside continue to dry- but it came out fine!
    I moisturized the leather trim and handles- although the carly has mor leather- i would think it would be just fine- my you could wrap the leather tightly in plastic wrap-i guess it's worth a try- if not you could spot clean it with woolite-water.
  5. I have this bag also but I guess I havent used it enough cause its still really clean.