does anyone else have the black patent faridah?

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  1. i got some bad opinions on it online and i just bought it today. some people think it's cheap looking for the price and too shiny, big and stiff. UGHH!!!!!!! sorry, i just had to vent because i feel really bipolar right now. :cursing: sorry for starting another thread, im gonna go bang my head against the wall now lol. :x i cant exchange it AGAIN.
  2. Do you agree with those negative reviews? If not, and you love the bag then I say rock that Faridah! If you don't love it, and the reviews make you unsure, then exchange it for something you are head over heels for:heart:.
  3. this is the 3rd time i've exchanged the bag at Nordstrom. and i couldnt find any other cheap marc jacobs bags on sale, it was the last one. :/
  4. ^ sounds like you're just not sure about it. I know it's hard to be patient, but there are always good deals on eBay, and chances are that you'll be able to find something you really love. Is there a specific bag that you have your eye on? If so, put it in your siggy and we'll all be happy to help you look for it. :tup:
  5. well im a studen so im short on cash and that bag was at a reduced price of 375. so if i exchange it, i dunno what to get, unless it's a cheap coach bag. *shrugs* everbody has coach though, it's ridiculous, so i dunno. *faints* lol
  6. I agree that you should wait and get something you really love. Have you tried calling other Nordies to see what they have in stock? $375 isn't that steep of a discount, I'm sure with a little paitience you could score another MbMJ that made you happier. I think you could find something for under $300. I got a Teri for my mother for Christmas for arround $280. Just watch the sale thread and I'm sure we can help you out. GL.
  7. thanks for responding. :yes:
  8. i agree with spacey.. 375 isn't that steep of a discount.. if you don't mind ebay, they're pretty good deals on mbmj bags.. probably if you're unsure, just return it and save the money for something you really like..
  9. Return it for a Nordies gift card. Then wait and buy something later.
  10. i agree with what others have said. for the price you paid, you could easily get a mainline MJ bag on ebay. there's a lot to choose form from MJ and MBMJ as well, so maybe if the faridah isnt making your heart flutter, return it, spend some time researching MJ bags and find one you just LOVE! good luck hon!