Does anyone else have problems with your hands and feet freezing?

  1. My hands and feet are always so cold.
    Does anyone here ever have that?:shrugs:

    Even when its 70% degrees out – I find myself taking a hot bath to warm up.
    It’s like coldness from the inside that putting on more and more layers doesn’t seem to warm me up :O

    I’m currently taking thyroid medication for an under active thyroid, but my levels are correct so don’t think that’s what’s doing it.
    I’m definitely talking to my doctor about it.
  2. Not my feet, but my hands are cold constantly.

    Whether it's warm or cold or whatever... I barely notice it anymore though, only when I touch other peoples hands. I have tried to find out what it comes from but I've had no luck.. ;(
  3. My feet are usually colder than my hands, but not all the time. Like right feet are freezing, but my hands feel fine.
  4. You might have something called Raynaud's Phenomenon, google it. Or it could be from the thyroid problem, maybe? I experience the same type of thing, my hands and feet are always cold! Mostly my feet, though, and it seems like they are never warm, but that goes along with an illness that I have. It is defnitely something to talk to your doctor about. Good luck!
  5. Thank - I'll google now.

    I can touch people with my cold hands and they always tell me I feel like an ice cube :O
  6. I used to always think I had Raynauds... I don't anymore, things seem to be better now that I don't live in 6 months of winter. My hands used to turn blue and orange splotchy, my fingernails would be purple. It's definitely something worth looking into.
  7. me too O_o
  8. My hands and feets are always cold...people tell me they have cold hands, but it's another story after they touch my hands! I wear gloves indoors a lot.
  9. my calves hurt everyday!!!
    i go to school in San francisco weather at 7am...chillling cold!!
    im a dental student so i wear thin scrubs and by 5pm my calves are in so much pain!! before bed i have to wear that Activ-On thing to feel better.
  10. OMG I DO! seriously im in my house and at the point it dips below 70 degrees my toes goe numb! its the worst. me feet get cold so fast and so do my heands but its harder to warm up my toes
  11. Well, my hands and feet are usually cold (not when the surroundings are hot though). But I'm not cold because they are cold. It's just when I touch other parts of my body that I realize my hands are freezing. I think it's because I'm so bony lol.
  12. Both my hands and feet are. My toes sometimes are like little ice cubes. I've always had a problem keeping my extremeties warm. It's much worse when the weather is now. As we speak, my toes are inches aways from a little space heater. It's the only way I can make it through. Socks rarely help, neither do slippers. I can feel the cold from the inside, it seems. My fingers and hands are the same way. When I keep them moving, like I'm doing now by typing, it helps.
  13. Me too.

    sometimes I torture DH and warm up my hands:p
    and have even had the dog lay on my feet to keep them warm :shame:
    (thats my version of wear fur...)
  14. mine are. always. even when it's 80 degrees out. (i'm also the person that sometimes needs a hoodie when it's 80 degrees should see some of my florida pictures. i look ridiculous) in the winter my hands get mottled sometimes/red and painful and my husband complains about the tip of my nose freezing him when i kiss his cheek. i used to think i had raynauds....but i did more research before spending money on a doctor and it turns out i just have really crappy circulation
  15. I have Raynaud's. My feet and hands get so cold! Recently I went on a field trip with my son. The temp was in the 50s but I wore my winter leather coat and gloves. One of my fingers became so cold and numb- it turned completely white. It took about 30 minutes to regain feeling. It is pretty miserable.