Does Anyone Else Have Problems Selling On Ebay?


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Oct 31, 2005
I've been cleaning out and posting stuff on ebay. So far it's been one problem after another. Thankfully a Purse Forum member bought my Vuitton Tote. But the handbags just don't seem to go. Everyone is afraid of fakes that I spend hours emailing photos to them of every inch of the bags.

I sell collectible trading cards too and they get bought up fast. But if people ever realized the ridiculous markup on them they would faint.

At least I have time for this; but it is one big pain.
I haven't had too many problems, but I do think that my bags sell for less than they're worth. I also get a lot of watchers, but no bids until the last few hours, which makes me :wacko:
Hi Cristina! Maybe I just got a few nutters. But the last minute thing makes me crazy too. I would just list for one day, but would hate to pay all the fees and then not too many people see it.

Oh well, such is the ebay way.:biggrin:
Yeah, me too! Actually it's only been 2 problems.

I do have a problem with people leaving me feedback. I've made about 50 sales but only 25 people left feedback.
January was great for sales but it has since slowed. I find that I have trouble selling bags that unfortunately do have many fakes on ebay - Gucci, Prada, and Marc Jacobs - which ends up lowering the prices on the authentic ones. :evil: I have been more successful with less well-known names, such as Delvaux and Henry Beguelin, as there usually are less of those up for auction on ebay, and therefore I usually end up with a least a lot more watchers. And I was surprised that I sold two Isabella Fiores for more than their retail prices in January...that was the first time that ever happened!!

It definitely is a challenge to convince buyers that your stuff is real when there are so many fakes out there. I think just building positive feedback over time is one way. And unfortunately not everyone leaves feedback (though generally if they are not leaving feedback at least they hopefully are satisfied??)
I have an auction going now that I am really hoping ends well. I just want to recoup what I spent, is that so much to ask?
I basically only sell when I'm closet cleaning--like now, before a spring frenzy of buying for the new season--because I need the room and can't get things in until I get other things out and right about now I'm sick of everything in my closet--but, with handbags, I just try to photograph everything and be detailed in the description about anything that I myself would want to know. It's funny--I think it's easier to sell the hot bags like Fendi, Prada. My more obscure ones--well with high quality, not that many people necessarily know what they are. I just sold a Tardini bag that was a huge huge bargain for the buyer because not that many people are familiar with the brand. I think if I were trying to make real money doing this, I would feel frustrated--because the fakes do drive everyone's prices down. I think what also drives prices down is that if you are an occasional seller, you don't have the same people checking your auctions every week to see what's new, because you're not listing most weeks, and so you have to build up trust each time all over again that you're not one of these people who folds a handbag in half to ship it (I just read that on one of the other threads here!) or something like that.
Cristina said:
I haven't had too many problems, but I do think that my bags sell for less than they're worth. I also get a lot of watchers, but no bids until the last few hours, which makes me :wacko:
The subject hits a nerve - I have practically given away authentic designer purses in beautiful, almost new shape because I really needed to put some money back in my account - whoever bought my Gucci, Juicy and Dior got the best deals of their lives. I hesitate to do this again.
I hope that all of you who have got beautiful, authentic, but lesser known handbags will be sure, now, to let all of us know when they are up for auction.
I'm sure that many of us would have been glad to buy them from you, and to give you a fair price for them too!
I've found that the only way to be profitable on E-Bay is to deal in volume. I wait until I have enough things to post to make it worth my while. Also, I only sell to buyers verified with PayPal and only in the US. It eliminates alot of headaches.
I haven't had any problems until this past week when I tried to sell my EPI Speedy. I had to relist it, and change the terms (free shipping, and the "best offer" option) in hopes that someone will bite.
What I have realised from ebay is that list anything expensive until you have lots of good feedback or you'll be practically giving away your diors and fendis for free. Collect lots of feedback first by selling cheap stuff then list the expensive stuff.
Ebay has been picking up lately - good for sellers, not so good for buyers who are bargain hunting. So I would say that now is a good time to list. Its true that the more unusual bags, especially the high end ones don't get as much of the retail cost back as more common bags/brands.