Does anyone else have an all mono collection?

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  1. Just collection is small (4 bags and a cles), but at this point the pieces are all mono - anyone else have the same experience?

    I know that part of it is because more bags are made in mono so there is more choice, I went into buy a DE bag earlier this year, but didn't really fall in LVoe with any of them...then the SA brought out the new black Pallas and I knew that was going to be my "care-free" bag...but, it's mono...

    Is it just me?
  2. 3/4 of my small collection is mono (and the other piece is MC, so not too far off, haha). I do want the Speedy B in DE, but I feel like when I go to buy it, I'll probably switch to mono. I just love mono, it's so iconic to me :smile:
  3. No, I like variety. I own mono, epi and vernis :smile:
  4. Mine are all mono =D
  5. The only non mono I have is a DE pochette. I'm hoping to add a DE Totally when that gets released!
  6. i only have 2 mono pieces, most of my collection is vernis or epi because I like to be unique- mono is so ubiquitous :smile:
  7. Started out with just a couple of mono pieces but have added most things over the years. Some things I still have and some I let go of.

    Buy what you love and you won't go far wrong.
  8. Mono was my first. Now my collection is about half mono and half de. Just ventured off to empreinte and I'm in LVoe.
  9. Glad to hear I'm not the only one...although I think my next purchase will be empreinte :smile:
  10. I love mono!! Not all my collection is mono but all my slg's are and I am thinking of adding another very soon :graucho:
  11. You will love the empreinte!

    Not all of my collection is mono ~ but ~ several pieces are mono! I started with a mono Speedy several years ago and the look is just timeless, classic IMHO. Some would argue that the mono canvas is too common, but I just love a good patina on an LV. It is like the bag tells a story of that person's adventures. Incidentally, LV is the ONLY brand in which I will wear a logo.... typically, I don't care for logos at all.
  12. I have a tiny collection (6 bags, 3 slg's, 4 charms) and just one mono. love the variety of LV! so I have also DA, DE, empreinte, MC and vernis.
  13. I'm the opposite.. Started off avoiding mono and going with DE or DA. Slowly I've added mono, mainly because I love how comfortable the vachetta handles are once they've softened and I love a beautiful patina.

    I like variety so I couldn't ever stick with just one print.
  14. My collection is all mono except for my Epi cles, but I am determined to get more epi pieces as I'm obsessed with the texture of it. Every time when I touch my Epi cles, I imagine myself with an Epi Alma BB and how amazing it is. (lol)
  15. When I started collecting LV my aim was to buy different material bags in as many different cities in the world.
    So although I LOVE mono, I also have DE, DA, vernis, epi & idylle.

    Still need to fall in love with empreinte :smile: