Does anyone else have an account on

  1. I do and you can create your wish list. I do it for fun

    any ways, when I do this through the english version of the site and I add it to my wish list, it then opens up and says "I have no products in my wish list"

    Does anyone else have this problem or am I the lucky one?

    I emailed them like 9 months ago on this and as you see... nothing has happened lol.
  2. i have an account, but I haven't checked it in like........3 years lol

    Edit: I just checked and I think they deleted me after all these years lol...or maybe I forgot my password/email????
  3. Mine always works on the English site.. and sometimes I add things from the Japanese site and it works as well. I think you should keep contacting them!
  4. I have one but can never remember my password
  5. Yep- haven't logged on in quite a while though. In my experience, my wish list has been deleted after a while before.
  6. I have one, but hasn't logged in for years, I don't even know the password!
  7. Well I just got a new password for mine, i followed the directions off the site... but it still wont let me add to my wish list... GRRRRRR
  8. I have an account, there's times when I don't login for a long time and my wishlist is still up. Everytime I add stuff it stays up. Dunno about that :confused1:
  9. ooohhh I need to do this and give it to hubby!
  10. Mine works but I never add anything to my wish list anyway lol.
  11. I have an account, ironically I just signed up yesterday and created my wishlist - now if I only I could buy everything on my wishlist- HA! HA!