Does anyone else have a LOVE/HATE feeling w/the Amarante color??

  1. So I am having some serious issues with this color..........I mean I love, love the color but it shows every single fingerprint every time I touch it.

    Does anyone else have a love/hate feeling towards it??

    Or does it not bother you?

    I am debating on returning it and just saving the money for something else.
  2. I only have the heart in amarante and am debating whether or not I should buy the houston. I'm having the same issue as you....fingerprints. I know they wipe off easily, but is it too much of a hastle?

    I guess I'm no help lol! I would like some input too.
  3. I almost bought a Pochette Wallet in Amarante but the finger prints drove me off the wall. I love the color but don't think I could get anything in this color becuase I can't stand the finger prints.
  4. I have quite a few pieces in the amarante (zippy wallet, LE cles and bellevue gm) and I love all of them, I really don't even seem to notice the fingerprints...It is by far my favorite vernis color, I am picking up the sunset blvd this week also in amarante (my store finally got one in stock after about 3 months!)
  5. I LOVE the color, but hate the fingerprints!! They drive me crazy!!
  6. I absolutely ADORE my Summit Drive! All the compliments I get when I carry it, far outweighs the fingerprints! :yes:
  7. I do:smile: I think Violette sort of saved me from agony though :smile: It's prettier than amaranthe.
  8. I only have the cles, but the fingerprints really don't bother me.
  9. I have a love/hate relationship with it only because sometimes when I look at it, I see black cherry, which I think is awesome, but other times, I see a purple color, and I really don't like purple! It's weird, I!
  10. i loooooooooove how amarante looks! it's gorgeous. but i do hate the fingerprints. :sad: once my prints get on there, it's all i can look at. :sad:
  11. No, I love Amarante, in the Brentwood, the new logo plaque cles and the heart.:heart::yes:
  12. I originally thought it was a beautiful colour until I keep reading about finger prints and started carefully looking at eBay auctions and seeing nothing but fingerprints and smudges. I think it would drive me crazy.
  13. My love/hate is more that it's a sad excuse for LV not giving us black vernis. I love the color, but in the end it's just not as versatile as black is.
  14. I love the color but the fingerprints does irritate me a bit! I have the Rosewood and the FP and oddly enough ... I don't see the fingerprints on those!
  15. I seriously love the color, I was just drooling over a Summit Drive today as a matter of fact. I think the beauty would outweigh the fingerprints...but I still couldn't bring myself to buy it...yet.