Does anyone else hate the way your knees look?!?

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  1. Like the title says...I HATE them! THey look funky and cellulity...what can I do to make it look better?
  2. I don't know what to do to make them look better, but I have a love/hate relationship with my knees and shins. On one hand, they're the thinnest parts of my legs. On the other hand, I bruise easily, so I often have black and blue marks on them.
  3. I am plagued with knobby knees. My husband had his hand on my knee the other day and with a surprised voice asked me "Is that your knee?! It's so bony!" You think that after being together 8 years he would have noticed that before. :rolleyes:
  4. My knees are bony. I usually have a hard time shaving them and always get a knick or two. :sad:
  5. i HATE HATE HATE my knees too!
  6. I hate my knees also...they're quite bony, and they look like they're in the wrong spot or something. Which is why I don't wear skirts a whole lot.
  7. I dont like my knees coz I think they look fat:sad:
  8. I dislike mine as well. My kneecaps are very protrusive. I don't just mean bony, I mean like they look like I have double-thick kneecaps.
  9. Mine are pretty bony, but my whole body is fairly bony. :s
  10. I hate my knees they are extra thick
  11. this thread makes me sad. :cry:

    are we really that critical of ourselves that we've gotten to the point of hating knees? really? :shrugs::weird:
  12. Mine are usually fine to me, but right now it's like green, purple, brown due to the little fall on Monday. :sad:
  13. yes i guess it is sad...i cant help but hate my knees but i have to accept them...everyone dislikes something about themselves...i was just wondering if i was a weirdo for not liking my knees?
  14. I hate my knees too :tdown:
  15. I hate the way my knees look, too! but not as much as I hate my calves...they're effin HUGE!