Does anyone else HATE lotion?

  1. I can't stand the way it feels on my skin, it feels so slimey and unnatural!

    I answer phones for work and have to share desks with two of my coworkers, I switch from one desk to the other midday... Well, this chick's phone is DISGUSTING! It's got this greasy, nasty lotion residue which is the result of her slathering herself ALL DAY and it's all over the phone. I am so grossed out I don't even want to answer the calls. Even if I wipe the phone down, I'm still going to be able to feel it.

    Thats another thing I can't stand about lotion, the crap seems to stay on your skin forever! Ugh, I hope I'm not alone in this.

    Anyone else not use lotion because they don't like the way it feels? :push:
  2. Well, I like lotion, I just hate putting it on because I am so lazy! LOL
  3. I use lotion and sunscreen on my face, neck and chest, but never moisturize my legs, arms, body, etc. I am too lazy to care.
  4. I love lotion, but I don't use the kinds that get all over stuff...I use heavier creams that soak into the skin really well, and after I apply, if there feels like a residue, I wash my hands.
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    I hate applying lotion because I'm lazy.

    I've also noticed build up in weird places from people who over apply. LOL!

    I prefer body oil. I use sweet almond oil (I'm on a natural kick as much as possible). I apply while slightly damp right after a shower. Never have to retouch. Not even my hands.
  6. ^I LOOOOOOVE body oil too!!!! YEAH! Far superb :biggrin:
  7. haha i'm the same way! I have loads & loads of lotion. I actually just bought like 8 more bottles during BBW & Victorias Secret sales. & I still have bottles from there sale before the last one.
  8. I prefer moisturizing oil to lotion, it feels lighter and sinks in faster. Also the one I use has no smell at all which I really like.
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    LOL I kind of figured I would be in the minority, or the only girl on earth who doesn't like it, haha.... People definitely look at me like I have an extra head when they ask for lotion and I say I don't use it.
    So why do you guys use lotion? Does it carry some kind of benefit you can only get from it (or oil)?
    It doesn't make my skin any softer, just slippery and... I'm sorry, I think it feels really gross. I don't use it after I shave either, and my skin is still just as soft as it was. But I can only speak for myself, maybe I'm lucky and just don't need to use it.
  10. Im not a big fan of lotion. a) it dosn't work for me as i have oily skin so it just makes it look worse and b) its sooo greasy!

    im deffinatly a gel kinnda gal x
  11. I use it b/c I have dry skin & i love the different scents!
  12. I love lotion!!!! As a girly girl, I have probably every single scent from bath and body works and I LOVE Victoria Secret scents. :p I have too much lotion. I love the way it makes you smell and I love having moisturized skin. If you're feeling greasy, you use too much or you need a new lotion. Most lotions these days will absorb quickly.

  13. If you don't need it, then don't use it! You're lucky! :biggrin: There are other ways you can smell good, perfumes if you don't need to use lotion, don't!!!!
  14. Me too! I am on a lotion ban because I have so many that still need to be used up!
  15. I don't mind lotion on my legs but if it's on my hands I get annoyed and want to wipe it off on anything I see.